Klein vs. Fluke Multimeter

Klein MM400 vs Fluke 117

Without a doubt, Klein and Fluke are two of the most popular digital multimeters. So, what is the best brand that is suited for you? Well, it depends on the use of the multimeter. Here is an in-depth comparison of Klein vs. Fluke multimeters. Both brands are indeed reliable and come with study design. However, … Read more

How to Use a Cen Tech Multimeter? (7 Function Guide)

centech multimeter set

In this article, I’ll teach you how to use all seven functions of a Centech digital multimeter. The Cen Tech multimeter is a little different from other digital multimeters. The 98025 seven-function model is capable of completing various tasks. I’ve used this in many of my electrical projects and hope to teach you everything I … Read more

How to Megger Test a 3-Phase Motor (5 Steps)


In this article, I’ll teach you how to test a 3-phase motor with a megger in a few minutes. An Ohm meter and a DC generator constitute a megger. The insulation resistance of the electrical equipment is tested using a megger. Being an experienced handyman, I regularly need to test 3-phase motors with a merger, … Read more

How to Test PCM with Multimeter (8 Steps)


In this 8-step guide, I will teach you how to test your PCM with a multimeter. If you suddenly experience increased fuel consumption, engine misfiring, or excessive exhaust in your vehicle, it might indicate a bad PCM unit. But how can you confirm this? While working as a mechanic, I’ve learned a few tricks and … Read more

How to Test Amp Output with Multimeter

amplifier and multimeters

In this article, I’ll teach you how to test an Amp Output with a Multimeter quickly and efficiently. Some amplifiers are not suited for different stereo systems. So you have to test the amp with a multimeter to check its validity before using it. As someone that worked in a car stereo shop, I often … Read more