5 Best Multimeter with Continuity Beep (Reviewed 2022)

Fluke brand of digital multimeter (in a set)

Multimeters are an incredibly versatile tool that many electricians and hobbyists carry for a wide range of uses. Depending on the requirements, they can either be simple and cheap or highly functional and expensive. One key feature used by many people is a continuity test and if you are looking for a multimeter with a … Read more

How to Test Impedance in a Speaker with a Multimeter (Guide)

speakers in line

The impedance of a speaker is a measurement of its resistance to alternating current. Suppose the impedance is low, then there is a greater current drawn by the speakers from the amplifier. If your amplifier has a high impedance, the loudness and dynamic range will suffer. If the voltage measurement is too low, the amp … Read more

How to Test a Headlight Bulb with a Multimeter (Guide)

mechanic in an orange gloves holding a headlight bulb

Finding out that your headlight has stopped working while driving out of the garage can be frustrating. It is even more annoying when you have to drive at night. For most people, the next step is to take the vehicle to the mechanic shop. This is often the first reasonable step when you have a bad … Read more

How to Check Wiring Harness with Multimeter

wire harnessing

Checking the electrical discontinuity and short-circuits in a vehicle is a necessary inspection. The wire connections in a car will eventually fail to pass current due to predictable issues like corrosion and excess pressure. Testing the voltage and continuity of the wiring harness helps you to identify damaged wires and broken circuits. You can do … Read more

How to Test 30 Amp RV Outlet with Multimeter (Guide) 

rv outlet with inserted multimeter's red and black probes

In the RV world, a 30 amp RV outlet is a 120-volt outlet that outputs electricity through a three-prong male wire and a 30-amp breaker. Now, when it comes to testing a 30 amp service, it’s crucial to utilize a transitional term to mark the start and finish of the test. This way, you could … Read more

How to Test a Subwoofer with a Multimeter (Guide)

speaker's subwoofers

Over time a subwoofer’s vibration weakens or disappears. In my experience, I have had almost every subwoofer start making a buzzing sound after years of overuse. The good news is it’s easy to fix and it’s easy to test if your subwoofer is having issues.  One of the easiest ways to test a subwoofer is … Read more

How to Test a TP Sensor with a Multimeter (Step-by-Step Guide)

TPS for car

The throttle position sensor is a power resistor on the throttle body that feeds data to your engine control unit regardless of how open the throttle valve is. It should constantly be checked to see if the throttle position sensor is working correctly or malfunctioning. However, it might cause inappropriate engine airflow if not checked … Read more

How to Test a Halogen Bulb with a Multimeter (Guide)

halogen bulbs hanging and with blue background

There are times when you flip your switch but your bulbs do not light up! Well, it’s not always your lightbulb.  It could also be your light fixture. In this guide, I will teach you how to do a continuity test on a halogen bulb with a multimeter. Halogen bulbs are incandescent lights that use … Read more

How to Check RPM with a Multimeter (Step-by-Step Guide)

rpm gauge

RPM is the abbreviation for Revolutions Per Minute and is a valuable measurement for determining how hard your engine is working. Most drivers consider rpm fluctuations as a minor inconvenience. However, if the RPM fluctuates strangely when you step on the gas pedal, it’s worth looking into because there might be an underlying problem. In … Read more