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Welcome to Tools Week, a home tool and home improvement portal created by Sam Orlovsky. We provide top-notch reviews and guides from experienced professionals.

Welcome from Sam Orlovsky and Our Team!

We are a group of carpenters, electricians, and home improvement enthusiasts here to help you!

Not only does Sam bring his 20 years of carpentry experience and passion for home improvement and electrics to the table, but our diverse team of writers also contributes their expertise and knowledge in various home improvement fields.

Disclaimer – (Model below is not Sam, we didn’t want to scare you away)


Do It Yourself Articles

If your looking to make something or put something together on your own, we have you covered!


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Not sure what model to pick up? We have you covered; we review and pick the best.

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We extensively review the top tool products for you.



Learn exactly how to make or build something you are interested in.

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Our Home Improvement Editorial Process

Our writing team includes experienced contractors and tradespeople, designers with an eye for aesthetics and functionality, and individuals dedicated to creating comfortable and beautiful living spaces.

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Sam Olovsky
Co-Founder/ Chief Editor & Writer
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (B.E.E. or BEE)

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Alex Robertson
Co-Founder/ Content Strategist & Writer
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (B.M.E.)

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