Does a Microwave Need a Dedicated Circuit

different sizes and brands of microwaves

Microwaves are a staple appliance for any modern kitchen, so which outlet should you use to ensure that yours works? The type of circuit needed for a microwave depends on its wattage requirement. Smaller countertop microwaves can be connected to ordinary branch circuits. Meanwhile, larger ones, such as microwave ovens, need dedicated circuits. Microwave models … Read more

What to Do with Red Wire if Not Needed? (3 Uses)

unused red wire

If you have some unused red wire in your home, you can do a few things with it. You can use red electrical wire either for the purpose for which it is intended (normal usage) at a later time, use it temporarily as and when the need arises (occasional usage), or be creative and make … Read more

What Size Aluminum Wire for 125 Amp Service?

aluminum wires stripped ends

This article will detail what size aluminum wire you need for a 125-amp electrical supply service. When it comes to wiring for a 125-amp service, the size of the aluminum wire you use is important. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right size. A 125-amp service is a high current level, as used … Read more

How to Find the Ignition Wire for Your Car Stereo

identifying stereo wires

Trying to figure out where your ignition wire is located in your car to use for your stereo can be frustrating. You will see several wires, so it can look daunting, especially if it’s your first time wiring the stereo. The best way to find the ignition wire for your car stereo is to find … Read more

Can You Pour Concrete Over Buried Electrical Lines?

burrying wires

You might have considered hiding your electrical lines underground and may be afraid of them getting damaged and wondering if you can pour concrete over them.  Yes, you can pour concrete over buried electrical lines, but this should only be done in the presence of a professional. A certified contractor or engineer must properly survey … Read more

What Gauge Wire for Trolling Motor? (Expert Advice)

minn kota trolling motor

Today you’ll learn what gauge wire is most suitable for your trolling motor if you plan to extend the wiring. The size of the trolling motor wire can mainly depend on two factors. It depends on the amperage of the trolling motor and the length of the wire. In this article, I’ll explain this issue … Read more