Multimeter Setting for Outlet (Guide)

outlet in ocean green color

Are you thinking of testing your outlet with a multimeter but unaware of how to proceed? It’s one thing to have a good brand of digital multimeter and another thing to put it into good use. Correct usage of a digital multimeter is critical to performing outlet testing correctly and safely. The multimeter setting for … Read more

How to Test Air Fuel Ratio Sensor with Multimeter

air fuel sensor with connected pipe

The car’s air fuel ratio sensor, commonly known as the O2 sensor or lambda sensor, measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and communicates it to the ECU. This data is used to optimize the air fuel ratio engine in the combustion chamber. Its primary function is to reduce the amount of dangerous gas … Read more

How to Test a Voltage Regulator (Step-by-Step Guide)?

5v, 9v, 12v voltage regulator

A bad voltage regulator can cause some serious trouble for an electrical circuit. Whether it is common household electrical equipment or a vehicle’s circuit system, keeping the voltage regulator in top condition is vital. So, let me go through and teach you how to test a voltage regulator. In general, follow these steps to test … Read more

How to Test a Low Voltage Transformer (Easy Steps & Guide)

Malibu Power Transformer

Low voltage transformers control domestic equipment, such as doorbells and air conditioners. They connect to a home’s high-voltage power source to create a safe, low-voltage electrical supply. However, your low-voltage transformer appliances can suddenly stop operating causing inconvenience. When this occurs, I’ve found that troubleshooting your low voltage transformer is the best place to start. … Read more

How to Test a Watch Battery with a Multimeter (Guide)

a battery taken out of a wrist watch

Small watch batteries also known as coin batteries and small single cell batteries can be used with various electronics. You can find these round shape batteries on watches, toys, calculators, remotes, and even on desktop computer motherboards. Commonly known as coin or button types. Usually, a button battery is smaller than a coin battery. Regardless … Read more

How to Test Potentiometer with Multimeter (6-Step Guide)

potentiometer device

Potentiometers have many practical uses that can be pretty handy for controlling electrical devices. For instance, with the help of a potentiometer, you can control the volume of a radio, the speed of a toy, lighting levels, and much more. All of this is done by changing the resistance of the potentiometer. Sometimes, you might … Read more

Multimeter Setting for 220V Outlet Test (Guide)

technician checking his multimeter settings

Heavy-duty electrical devices such as refrigerators, dryers, and window unit air conditioners require a 220-volt electrical outlet. So, if your dryer, for example, is not drying your clothes, it’s most likely because it’s not receiving enough power supply. With that, you might wonder how you can pinpoint the exact problem with your equipment.  In general, … Read more