What Size Drill Bit for Wall Plug (Expert Advice)

drill bit box set

Are you installing or planning to put various wall plugs in and wondering which drill bit size to use? Let me help. There are four main types of wall plugs that are differentiated by color codes. We have yellow, red, brown, and blue wall plugs, and we use them in holes that match their various … Read more

What is a Spade Drill Bit Used For?

bosch spade drill bit number 16 in gold color

In this article, I’ll guide you through the purpose of a spade bit and why you should pick one. A spade drill bit is a cutting tool that creates holes in materials such as wood and metal. Being an electrician and plumber, I often use spade bits to drill through wood poles and plastic pipes. … Read more

Can You Drill Through Resin?

drilling material for resin

Drilling holes in resin is possible; you can do it in a few minutes. The resin must be fully cured. Uncured or semi-formed resin cannot be drilled. Aside from being messy, soft, or gooey, the resin cannot maintain an open hole. We will cover more detail below. Can You Drill Through Resin? You may wonder … Read more

What Size Drill Bit for 1/8 Rivet?

1/8 blind rivers

This guide will explain the correct drill bit size to use with a 1/8″ rivet. As a veteran handyman, I know the importance of picking the ideal drill bit size for any rivet. Rivets are used in various fastening applications because of their low cost, simple installation, durability, and dependability. Preparing the holes is essential … Read more

How to Drill Into Stucco without Cracking

drilling into stucco

Drilling into stucco can be tricky, but I’ll guide you through it with some techniques to efficiently drill into stucco without cracking the surface. Being a professional handyman, I know how to cut holes in stucco without breaking it. Knowing how to use your drill properly is very important, as this stucco is prone to … Read more

Do Drilled and Slotted Rotors Make Noise?

slotted rotors

Drilled and slotted rotors make a lot of noise, but you can reduce the noise. Vehicle rotors are available in various designs, including drilled, blank, and slotted. As an experienced engineer, I will teach you why drilled and slotted rotors are noisy. Understating this technical issue allows you to make correct decisions when choosing a … Read more

How Best to Organize Your Drill Bits

a tin container of mixed drill bits

Once you start getting more and more drill bits, the need will arise to organize them so you can easily find the one you need. There are many different ways you can do this. For example, you could simply put them all into a tin container. But when you have so many and need to … Read more

How to Drill in Tight Space

tight space drilling

When making changes in spaces or installing new fittings, drilling is inevitable. It becomes more challenging when space is limited. Below, ill cover some answers to some of the common questions regarding effectively drilling in tight spaces. In addition, you will also learn some different tools, tips, and tricks to ensure your work runs smoothly. … Read more

How to Anchor a Gazebo without Drilling


If you have a garden or a large terrace, you may consider putting up a Gazebo to enjoy the shade. However, installing it by drilling into the ground can cause cracks or damage, not to mention the danger of perforating the asphalt fabric or the problems that it could cause you with the owner of … Read more

How to Drill Tiles without Cracking (5 Tips)

drill tiles without breaking

Today I will teach you how to drill tiles in any space without breaking them. Most people who want to hang a new accessory in a room, especially beginners, start by drilling holes without the slightest preparation. They are unaware of the different bits needed for each surface or the tips that will make the … Read more