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How to Hang a Neon Sign without Drilling (4 Methods)

In this article, I’ll teach you how to hang a neon sign on a wall without drilling holes.

Neon signs are heavier than other signs, so; you must be careful when hanging them without drilling. Holes are difficult to drill on most drywalls, and some apartment owners don’t permit holes. Additionally, perhaps you just want to hang the neon sign temporarily, so hanging them without drilling holes is the best option.

In general, you can follow any one of these methods to hang your neon sign firmly without drilling holes:

  • Use command strips
  • 3M strips
  • Use nails
  • Use acrylic backing

More details are below.

Hanging Neon Signs with Acrylic Backing

There isn’t much to say about this method; if your sign comes with an acrylic backing, it should be self-explanatory and easy to hang.

preparing the neon sign
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Step 1. The first step in hanging your neon sign onto the wall is to ensure that it has an acrylic backing.

Step 2. For at least 30 seconds, push your neon sign securely against the wall.

It’s best to locate a neon sign that will assist you in removing the back without damaging the delicate neon tubes.

They’re effortless to use. When it’s time to take down your neon sign, the strips come off crisply — no nail holes, sticky residue, or flaking paint.

Command Strips

You can hang neon signs with command strips. Your design and dimensions determine the cost of the command strips and the span of the LED tube used.

They’re effortless to use, and when it’s time to take down your neon sign, the strips come off cleanly — no nail holes, peeling paint, or sticky residue. The result is stunning, your LED neon signs will be safe, and the wall will be in perfect condition.


man pressing the sign "the world is yours" on the wall
Video | neonpoint

Step 1: Surface Measurement

If possible, get someone to hold up the neon sign so you can stand back and assess whether the placement is good. 

Align the neon sign with a level and mark where you will put it.

Step 2: Clean the Surface of The Neon Sign

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol should be soaked into a cloth. Wipe the surface where you intend to adhere the strips gently.

Do not use household cleaning supplies, sprays, or wipes to clean the surface. These leave a residue that can cause the strip’s adhesion to become unstable.

If you apply command strips to a dirty surface, they will not adhere well.

Allow time for the area to dry.

Things to Note When Using Command Strips to Hang your Neon Sign

  1. Verify that the surface is appropriate for the strips

Command Strips can be used on metal, tile, glass, painted drywall, and painted or varnished wood.

  1. Check that the weight of the items you’re hanging is appropriate

Check your product’s exact weight limit. If your items exceed the weight limit, consider using screws and studs or a picture string instead.

Command Strips are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. Depending on the product, 3M may recommend using only one hook per item to be hung.

Hanging Neon Signs with Nails

Step 1. Draw your neon sign impression on the surface you want it to be installed on and map various points to strike the nail into.

Step 2. Since the neon sign is a bendable plastic tubing, simply align it where you want it installed and strike a couple of nails into it at various locations. Ensure it firmly adhere to the surface you are mounting it.

How to Hang Neon Sign Tentatively — 3M Strips

Command brand hanging strips

If you want to attach your neon sign to a wall but don’t want to leave holes in the wall, 3M strips are the way to go.

Step 1. Tear the strip apart and clip it together.

Step 2. Remove the one-liner and stick it to the back of the acrylic.

Step 3. Remove the remaining liner from your neon sign and place it against the wall.

Step 4. Remove your neon sign and firmly press each strip.

Step 5. After an hour, realign your neon sign to the strips.

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