How to Drill Hole in Granite Countertop (6 Steps)

Today, I’ll teach you how to drill holes in granite countertops with the proper technique and the right kind of tools.

If you use the same old drilling technique for a granite countertop, you’ll end up with a broken countertop, or you might not be able to drill a hole at all. For drilling granite countertops, you’ll need a special set of tools. Also, there are two techniques for this process. I’ll share everything I know regarding this topic in the below step-by-step guide.

In general, to drill a hole in a granite countertop:

  • Clean the granite countertop.
  • Mark the location of the hole.
  • Choose a suitable diamond-tipped hole saw.
  • Wear safety gear.
  • Choose the desired drilling method (dry coring or wet coring).
  • Start drilling!
  • Clean the countertop and pour some water on it.

Go through my below 6-step guide for more details.

Before We Start

As I mentioned, drilling granite countertops requires a special set of tools.

Quick Tip: The standard thickness for a granite countertop is 3cm.

faucet in a granite countertop
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I’ll be drilling two new holes for a water faucet in this demonstration. Hence, I’m using a 2-inch diamond-tipped hole saw.

These diamond core bits come in different diameters and heights. According to your requirement, you can buy any one of them.

Apart from that, you cannot use an ordinary marker. Instead, use a granite marker.

Dry Coring or Wet Coring

When it comes to drilling granite countertops, there are two methods you can use; dry coring and wet coring.

You don’t have to use any water in dry coring; in wet coring, you’ll have to use water. Because of this difference, you’ll need different things and executions during this process. Also, both methods have pros and cons, and I’ll explain them later in the step-by-step guide.

6-Step Guide on How to Drill Hole in Granite Countertop

Things You’ll Need

  • Power drill
  • 2-inch diamond tipped hole saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Granite marker or ordinary marker
  • Vacuum
  • Safety mask, goggles, and gloves
  • Clean cloth
  • Water

Step 1 – Clean the Granite Countertop

a hole in a granite countertop
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First and foremost, clean the granite countertop. It is always better to keep your working station clean. Remove any obstacles that might disturb the drilling process (including the old faucet). Also, remove the other dust and debris from the area.

Step 2 – Mark the Drilling Locations

marking location to drill a hole on granite countertop
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Then, take the granite marker and mark the two holes on the countertop.

2 marked spots for drilling
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If needed, use a ruler for this.

Step 3 – Choose a Suitable Diamond Tipped Hole Saw

diamond tipped hole saw
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Depending on the hole size, buy a suitable diamond-tipped hole saw. As I mentioned earlier, I’m using a 2-inch hole saw.

Step 4 – Wear the Safety Gear

Wearing a safety mask will ensure you don’t inhale any dust or debris created during the drilling process. Safety glasses will protect your eyes. Hence, remember to wear them too.

Also, wearing rubber gloves is necessary for this drilling process. For instance, these granite countertops can be slippery sometimes. The power drill might slip away from the drilling area accidentally. So, having some protection for your hands might be a good idea.

Step 5 – Choose the Desired Drilling Method and Start Drilling

There are two core drilling methods.

  • Dry coring
  • Wet coring

Before starting the drilling process, you should know these two methods well.

Dry Coring

This method allows you to create a hole on the granite countertop without water. You can use dry core drill bits for the dry coring method.

  • Faster than the wet coring.
  • You don’t need any water for this method.
  • It might damage the granite surface due to excessive heat.
  • Creates lots of dust. 
  • Dust that comes from the granite surface can be harmful to you.

Quick Tip: The friction between the granite surface and the hole saw generates a lot of heat.

Wet Coring

When using the wet coring method, you’ll have to use some water to keep the temperature under control. This method is excellent for plumbing projects. (1)

  • Minimum damage to the granite surface during the drilling process.
  • Because of the water, the amount of dust will be minimum.
  • Take more time than the dry coring method. 
  • Create a watery slurry mess.

Which One Should I Choose?

As you can imagine, both of the above methods have their own pros and cons. However, the wet coring method is the most popular one for this kind of granite countertop drilling. Wet coring creates less dust and also it will be good for the granite countertop.

Drilling Holes Using Dry Coring

Now you can start the drilling process. Connect the diamond-tipped hole saw to drill and power up the machine.

Then, place the drill on the marked location and start drilling at low speed. Use a vacuum to get rid of the dust created during the drilling process.

Drilling Holes Using Wet Coring

Follow the same process as in the dry coring. But remember to pour some water into the hole while drilling. 

Step 6 – Clean the Countertop

2 drilled hole on granite countertop
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Then, clean the granite countertop. If you use the wet coring method, you’ll have to do a lot of cleaning. Remove all the dust and debris. Finally, pour some water on the granite countertop. Repeat the same for the other hole. (2)

Important: For the above drilling process, you can use the angle grinder instead of the power drill. The diamond core bits will fit perfectly into the grinder. The only difference is how you use the grinder compared to the power drill. Some people prefer the drill, and some prefer the grinder. I’ve used these two power tools for drilling granite countertops. And happy to tell you that they both worked extremely fine for me. So, choose any one of them without any hesitation.

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