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How to Hang Wind Chimes Without Drilling? (3 Methods)

This article will help those looking for ways to hang wind chimes outdoors or indoors without drilling holes.

Drilling holes in your walls or ceilings is never a good thing, and it might risk the structural integrity of your home. You might live in a rental apartment, and the landlord doesn’t allow you to drill holes. Over the years, I’ve tried a few techniques that might help you, and ill share them below.

To hang wind chimes without drilling, you can use the methods below.

  • Use adhesive hooks to hang the wind chime.
  • Hang the wind chime on a tall lantern.
  • Hang the wind chime on a tree branch.

You’ll find more details in the below article.

3 Easy Methods to Hang Wind Chimes (Without Drilling)

In this section, you’ll learn three methods to hang wind chimes without drilling.

Method 1 – Using Adhesive Hooks

You can use adhesive hooks for walls or ceilings. They are a quick and easy way to hang wind chimes. However, the surface should be clean and smooth. Otherwise, the adhesive hooks won’t connect with the wall or ceiling properly.

Typically, these adhesive hooks can hold up wind chimes without trouble. But remember to check the weight limit before hanging the wind chimes.

Here are two products that you can use for your wall and ceiling. Also, you can find a guide on how to use them in the below section.

  • Command Adjustable Hooks
  • Tesa Powerstrips Ceiling Hooks

How to Use a Command Adjustable Hook On a Wall?

This wall-hanging method is most suitable when you hang a wind chime above a window or door (front door).

command adjustable hooks
Video | Command

Important: These Command Adjustable hooks are most suitable for indoor use. Also, use them between 50°F to 100°F.

Step 1 – Clean the Wall

cleaning the wall
Video | Command

First, clean the wall using rubbing alcohol. Use a dry cloth for this.

Quick Tip: Don’t use household cleaners; they will make the surface slippery.

Step 2 – Remove the Purple Liner

remove the purple liner from the strip
Video | Command

Then, remove the purple liner from the strip. The Command Adjustable hooks come with a sheet of strips. These strips have adhesive on both sides.

Step 3 – Attach the Hook to the Strip

separating the hook from the strip piece
Video | Command

Next, attach the hook to the strip. Wait until the hook gets connected to the strip.

Step 4 – Separate the Hook

hang the wind chime on the hook
Video | Command

Separate the hook from the strip piece (from the purple sheet).

Step 5 – Place the Hook on the Wall

placing the hook on the wall
Video | Command

Then, place the hook on the wall. You can change the hook’s location in the first 20 minutes. After placing the hook in the right spot, hold it for 5 seconds, and it will be ready to use.

Step 6 – Hang the Wind Chime

pressing firmly at the wall
Video | Command

Finally, hang the wind chime on the hook.

How to Use a Tesa Powerstrips Hook On a Ceiling?

Step 1 – Attach the Strip to the Ceiling

attaching the strip to the ceiling
Video | tesa SE

First, peel off the cover of the adhesive strip (only one side). Then, connect the exposed side to the ceiling. Remember to hold the strip for 5 seconds.

Step 2 – Peel Off the Other Side

peeling off the other side
Video | tesa SE

Then, peel off the other side of the adhesive strip.

Step 3 – Attach the Hook

attaching the hook
Video | tesa SE

Next, connect the hook to the exposed adhesive strip. Hold the hook for 5 seconds.

Step 4 – Hang the Wind Chime

hanging the wind chime at the white ceiling
Video | tesa SE

Finally, hang the wind chime on the ceiling hook.

Method 2 – Hang the Wind Chime on a Tall Lantern

hanging the wind chime on a tall lantern
Video | Deal Genius

Hanging the wind chime on a lantern is a great way to hang a wind chime without hooks. This method is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

However, the lantern should be tall. For instance, choose a lantern that is at least 4 feet tall. It will look good at that height. Or you can use a small lantern to hang a small wind chime.

Quick Tip: You can use a bird feeder pole or a plant holder instead of the tall lantern.

Method 3 – Hang the Wind Chime on a Tree Branch

hanging the wind chime on a tree branch
Video | Juha Keränen

Among these three methods, this is the easiest method. For this, you only need a rope and a tall enough tree branch.

Tie the rope to the tree branch and connect the other end to the wind chime. As you can understand, this method is most suitable for outdoor use unless you have indoor trees at your home.

Quick Tip: Use a sock, bandana, or cloth to prevent friction between the rope and the tree branch (wrap it around the tree branch).

Why Can Drilling Holes in Your House or Apartment Be Dangerous?

Before diving into the ‘how to hang wind chimes without drilling’ feature, you should at least know why you cannot drill holes in the ceiling or the wall. Depending on your situation, there can be many reasons for this.

You Might Damage the Electrical, Gas, Or Water Lines

This is one of the main reasons you should avoid drilling holes in your house. You might accidentally damage the electrical, gas, or water line. For instance, damaging a gas or electrical line can result in catastrophic outcomes. So, it would be best to never drill holes in your house without proper guidance or a house plan.

Risking Structural Integrity

If you are drilling holes in a wooden wall or ceiling, you should be extra careful. While drilling, you might accidentally damage the joists and risk their strength.

A BIG NO from the Landlord

You don’t need permission to drill holes in your own house. But if you are living in a rental apartment, things might be a little different. Most landlords don’t allow any sort of drilling on their property.

Best Places to Hang Wind Chimes

Here are a few places that will look good with wind chimes.

Outside the Front Door

This is an excellent place to hang wind chimes, and it will give your guest a lovely welcome. And also, you can enjoy the chimes sound regularly.

Near a Window

If you place the wind chimes near a window, you’ll be able to get the most out of your wind chime. For instance, the wind and natural light will remarkably enhance the wind chimes’ beauty.

Garden or Backyard

As mentioned earlier, you can hang the wind chimes on a tall lantern or tree branch. Make sure the lantern or the tree branch is located in your garden. A garden tree with hanging wind chimes will be a beautiful sight.


Where Can I Hang a Wind Chime?

You can hang wind chimes on a porch, tree, fence, or tall lantern. Or hang them from a bird feeder or a metal branch. These methods are easy, and at the same time, they won’t cost you any money.

Are There Stands for Hang Wind Chimes?

Yes, indeed. Some stands are made specially to hold the wind chimes. These stands are made from metal, wood, and plastic. And you can adjust the height of these stands. This is a technique that you can use to hang wind chimes without drilling or using any adhesive hooks. (1, 2, 3)

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(1) metal – https://www.britannica.com/science/metal-chemistry
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(3) plastic – https://ourworldindata.org/plastic-pollution

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