Is My Thermostat on The Same Breaker as the Furnace?

nest thermostat

Are you planning to replace your thermostat but can’t find its circuit breaker? A thermostat is on the same breaker as the furnace if you use a centralized HVAC system. A centralized system has all components connected to a single circuit breaker. Otherwise, the thermostat’s breaker is the same as whichever component it draws power … Read more

What Size Breaker for Microwave? (15 amp vs 20)

toshiba microwave

Breakers are needed to manage the electricity supply between various appliances effectively.  Microwaves generally require a 15 amp or 20 amp breaker size. The current standard for most microwave installations is a 20 amp breaker, which provides additional protection against electric surges. However, microwaves with larger energy requirements may need larger breaker sizes and a … Read more

What to Do if a Breaker Box Gets Wet?

breaker box

If your breaker box gets wet, what should you do? Here are a few tips to help keep your home safe. In general, light condensation can be removed from the circuit breaker box by wiping it with a clean, water-absorbent towel. But if a lot of water gets in, you might have to replace the … Read more

What Breaker is Compatible with Westinghouse?

westinghouse cutler hammer

Westinghouse is a popular brand of home automation and electric breaker panels. This post will list the various breaker types compatible with Westinghouse panels. Many old houses use the breakers that Westinghouse makes. Therefore, the brand should be the primary consideration while shopping for a new Westinghouse circuit breaker. Even with the name of the … Read more

What Size Circuit Breaker for a 12V Trolling Motor?

circuit breaker for trolling motor

Circuit breakers play a major role in keeping boat owners safe. Regularly maintaining and replacing them prevents damage to the boat’s trolling motor.  In general, a 12-volt trolling motor requires a 50 or 60-amp circuit breaker at 12 VDC. The circuit breaker’s size generally depends on the trolling motor’s maximum current. The selected circuit breaker … Read more

How Do I Reset My Electric Fireplace? (5-Step Guide)

electrical fireplace in the living room area

Sometimes a reset helps rectify certain issues with your electric fireplace. It may be a good way to fix a temporary problem. However, depending on the exact issue, there are some things you should check beforehand, and other things you can do in case resetting does not resolve the issue. Resetting an Electric Fireplace To … Read more

How to Reset a Generator Circuit Breaker? (7 Steps)

Onan OG 4000 generator

Are you having trouble resetting the generator circuit breaker? If so, here’s a guide to troubleshooting your problems. Using a generator, you might deal with a short circuit problem or an electrical overload. Either way, you should learn how to reset the generator circuit breaker. Otherwise, all the electrical appliances will be powerless. In General, … Read more

How to Drill in Tight Space

tight space drilling

When making changes in spaces or installing new fittings, drilling is inevitable. It becomes more challenging when space is limited. Below, ill cover some answers to some of the common questions regarding effectively drilling in tight spaces. In addition, you will also learn some different tools, tips, and tricks to ensure your work runs smoothly. … Read more

How to Anchor a Gazebo without Drilling


If you have a garden or a large terrace, you may consider putting up a Gazebo to enjoy the shade. However, installing it by drilling into the ground can cause cracks or damage, not to mention the danger of perforating the asphalt fabric or the problems that it could cause you with the owner of … Read more