How to Remove Wire from Push-in Connector (Expert Guide)

2prong outlet

Without a doubt, push-in-style connectors are the best things that you can make a strong wire connection from without screw terminals. You don’t have to arrange a hook in the wires for these receptacles. However, the push-in style comes with a few limitations. In this post, I’m going to teach you to remove the wire … Read more

Wire Rope Sling Strength and Capacity Guide (Detailed Breakdown & Chart)

rope wire in zoom

A wire rope with a decent breaking strength must be chosen and used with caution by lifting and rigging workers. You must choose slings based on the amount and kind of weight and the workplace’s ambient circumstances. Before using wire rope slings, you must visually examine them. Slings with many broken wires, significant corrosion, localized … Read more

How to Wire Lights In Parallel with Switch Diagram (Guide)

parallel circuit connection

Two main ways to connect light bulbs are series and parallel connections. Both have their own set of advantages, disadvantages, and uses. Residential circuits used in basic electrical wiring installation are (or should be) connected in parallel. In most cases, switches, outlet receptacles, and light fixtures are linked in parallel to maintain the power source … Read more

How to Install a Barbed Wire Fence (Step-by-Step Guide)

barbed wire in zoom

Are you running a small farm and need to protect your animals or just want some extra security? Installing barbed wire fences is a great option. It is a budget option for additional protection, and proper installation is easy. In general, installing barbed wires is pretty straightforward. The steps are as follows: Unroll the bard … Read more

How Many Watts can a 16 Gauge Speaker Wire Handle?

silhouette of man and rolled gaue wires

In a speaker system, it is crucial to know the proper gauge wire you should use for it to function properly and support the system’s requirements for electrical current. Using the wrong wire gauge could provide insufficient power and lead to safety and fire hazards. In general, 16 gauge speaker wires can handle 75-100 watts … Read more

How to Wire 3 Prong Plug with 2 Wires (Guide)

opened 3-prong plug

Wiring a 3-prong plug with 2 wires is not very difficult, it’s an issue that electricians come across once in a while. You can complete the whole process in a few minutes. You do not even need any experience, and I am going to guide you through the entire process. If you find yourself in … Read more

How to Wire a Winch with a Toggle Switch?

a pair of hand holding toggle switch

Toggle switches are becoming more popular in vehicles. This is attributed to their winching efficiency. They (toggle switches) are installed adjacent to the driver’s seat. So, anyone can comfortably operate on/off switches for off-road lights, heated seat switches, power supply switches for winches, and other accessory functions in a car. In this step-by-step guide, I … Read more

How to Wire a 5 Pin Rocker Switch (Guide)

5-pin rocker

At a glance, you may think that wiring a 5-pin rocker switch is difficult. Well don’t worry, you can do it quickly and easily. Working with car wiring I have installed 5-pin switches in many cars without issues and today I’m going to help you do that as well. Quick Summary: Wiring a 5-pin rocker … Read more

How to Wire Fuel Pump to Ignition Switch (Guide)

Holley fuel pump

If you are a DIY mechanic nerd like me you get excited over the thought of upgrading your mechanical fuel pump to an electric fuel pump. Even though most won’t get it I can’t blame you for the excitement, we’re only human. Without a doubt, electrical fuel pumps do a much better job than old-fashioned … Read more