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Can You Drill Through Resin?

Drilling holes in resin is possible; you can do it in a few minutes. The resin must be fully cured. Uncured or semi-formed resin cannot be drilled. Aside from being messy, soft, or gooey, the resin cannot maintain an open hole.

  • Cure the resin by exposing it to UV light
  • Get the right size drill bit
  • Put a mark on your resin
  • Drill a hole in the resin
  • Remove the burr

We will cover more detail below.

Can You Drill Through Resin?

You may wonder if you can drill through epoxy resin after making your resin charms and epoxy art. The answer is clearly, YES.

However, you will require some tools.

How to Drill Through Resin


The resin must be fully cured. Uncured or semi-formed resin cannot be drilled. Aside from being messy, soft, or gooey, the resin cannot keep an open hole, and you will also damage your drill.


Step 1: Determine the Size of your Drill Bit

When drilling holes for resin jewelry, use a drill bit sized 55 to 65. Most sizes of jump rings and other resin jewelry will fit.

What if you don’t know what drill bit size is preferable?

Get a drill bit-to-wire gauge conversion chart to compare drill bit sizes to common jewelry wire gauges. Match the drill bit against the one you are working with. If you are unsure of the drill bit size, go smaller than what you presume you need. To enlarge the hole, you can always drill it with a larger drill bit.

Step 2: Put a Mark on Your Resin

Mark the spot on the resin where you want to drill. I recommend using a fine-tip marker pen.

Step 3: Drill a Hole in the Resin 

Here is how you should proceed:

  • Put your resin on a scrap wooden plank to protect the surface of your workspace.
  • Gently drill a hole in the resin while holding the drill bit at the required angle. Fast drilling generates friction that can cause your epoxy resin to soften or melt.
  • Drill through the cured resin into the wooden plank. If you make holes in a countertop, you can ruin that surface by drilling into it.
  • Fill the hole. This is best accomplished with a flexible wire or toothpick.

Step 4: Remove the Burr

Once you’ve drilled the resin, you may have resin crumbs you cannot scrape off. If this occurs, take a drill bit one or two sizes larger than the one used to drill the resin. Then, place it on top of the drilled hole. Spin it by hand for a few turns to remove the burr.

Step 5: Wrap Up

To make your resin charm wearable, add a jump ring, string on a cord, or bail.

What Else Do You Need to Know about Drilling Resin?

1. Cheap Drill Bits will do

If you are making metal jewelry, you may have spent a lot of money on drill bits). While these are excellent for drilling metal, resin does not require anything as tough or long-lasting. Because the resin is soft, it can be drilled with almost any drill bit.

2. The Resin Acts as a Lubricant for Drill Bits

Additional lubricant on the bit is not required. Don’t forget to keep your drilling equipment lubricated as directed.

3. Separate Drill Bits Should Be Used for Resin Drilling and Metal Drilling

You do not want to risk resin crumbs contaminating metal that could be heated with a torch. You don’t want to inhale those toxic fumes.

4. You Could Use a Vice

You can use a vice if you’re concerned about holding the resin while drilling. However, clamping the vice against the resin will leave imperfections. Before putting the resin in the vice, tie it in something soft.

It isn’t easy to understand how to drill resin. It is difficult to master the act of drilling small holes through the resin. While moving your drill bit from one side to the other is simple, doing so in a straight and even manner is not. This is an excellent time to dig up old resin pieces with blunders and utilize them as practice pieces.

Pro Tip. To ensure that your holes are straight, use a drill press.


Do I have to wait any longer for it to cure completely?

It appears tacky around the rim and on top; otherwise, it’s solid. I stirred for at least 2 minutes for each of the three pours.

It appears your resin was not thoroughly mixed before pouring. More resin will need to be mixed and applied to cover the sticky spots completely.

Will it work with fully cured resin?

Concern: I purchased a keychain mold set from an art store, which includes a thing that resembles a small screwdriver, with a tiny part on the top so you can spin your hand without lifting the screwdriver.

Yes, keychain mold can work on resin.

Is it possible to drill a 2 mm hole in the center of a 3 or 4″ flat resin disc (so the disc could turn around the string)?

Yes, it is possible.

Are there any ways to fill a hole that was unintentionally drilled in the wrong place without making it obvious?

Yes, try filling it with more resin.

Wrapping Up

Drilling holes into resin shouldn’t be a problem if you acquire a few tools and some protective gear before getting started. Remember that the resin must be cured; otherwise, your work will be lackluster. I also reiterate the necessity of procuring the right size drill bit for the task.

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