What Size Drill Bit For a 1/4-20 Rivnut?

In this article, I will help you learn what drill bit to use for a 1 4 20 Rivnut.

Knowing what size drill bit to use with a 1 4′′ 20 rivnut is important to guarantee a good fit.

In general, a #7 drill bit, which measures 13 64″ (0.203′′diameter), is the ideal overall size for a 1 4″ 20 UNC rivnut thread.

I’ll cover more details below.

What Size Drill Bit for Your ¼” 20 Rivnut?

Once you have your Rivnuts, it’s crucial to ensure the proper size hole is drilled to guarantee a good fit when the Rivnut is set.

First, remember that different providers produce rivnuts with varied hole sizes. The following chart should be used as a reference to determine what size hole is needed.

Keep the Following Things in Mind

  • To confirm the proper size hole to drill, consult the Suppliers Chart.
  • To acquire the most accurate measurement, measure the Rivnut at the largest space underneath the head.
  • Drill a test hole in some scrap metal to ensure the Rivnut fits tightly.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Drill Bit Apart from Size?

Drills come in a variety of designs that are created for various uses.

You must evaluate their differences to distinguish one drill bit from another. Drills can be produced from various materials, have several coatings applied, or have various geometries. Select the drill bit based on the tool’s characteristics and the material of the CNC-drilled items that need to be machined.

Consider the following factors before you choose a drill bit for your rivnut:

Materials for Drill Bits

Typically, high-speed steel with cobalt carbide is used to create drill bits.

The Coating of Your Drill Bit

Bright finish: the least expensive coating, frequently used to drill low-carbon steel and aluminum workpieces.

Drill Bit Dimensions and Specifications

The terms “stub” length and “jobber” length describe the two common screw machine lengths. Because of their high rigidity, stub-length drills are frequently used on CNC machines to produce holes with more precision. The drill’s rigidity increases with bit length.  The ideal number of flute lengths above the hole is twice the drill diameter.

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