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How to Drill Into Stucco without Cracking

Drilling into stucco can be tricky, but I’ll guide you through it with some techniques to efficiently drill into stucco without cracking the surface.

Being a professional handyman, I know how to cut holes in stucco without breaking it. Knowing how to use your drill properly is very important, as this stucco is prone to cracking if not done properly. Moreover, stucco siding is substantially costlier than vinyl siding. Stucco costs between $6 to $9 per square foot. So, you can’t afford to waste it.

In general, you need to follow these steps to carefully cut holes in stucco without breaking it:

  • Gather your materials
  • Determine where you want to drill the hole
  • Attach and position the drill bit well
  • Switch on the drill bit and drill until the resistance fades
  • Clean the debris and insert the screw

I will go into more detail below.

How to Cut Holes in Stucco Without Breaking It

You can drill into stucco using the proper drill bit and drill type. To make a larger hole, use a carbide-tipped or diamond-tipped drill and a hammer drill.

Because stucco is such a tough, concrete-like material, many people wonder if they can drill through it; yet, you can drill into this material if you have the right tools and the required know-how.

The Type of Drill to Use to Cut Holes in Stucco

You can use a basic drill to cut very small holes in your stucco. It would be best if you drilled small holes, so you won’t need to buy a fancy specialized drill.

If you plan to use a larger drill bit to make a larger hole, purchase a hammer drill to permeate the hard surface of the stucco.

What Drill Bit to Use

Smaller drill bits can be used with a standard drill to make very small holes in your stucco.

Because larger bits are designed for rotary hammers rather than drill drivers, they may require an SDS connection. Before you start your project, double-check that you have all the necessary connections.

The best drill bits for drilling into stucco are the hole saw bits reinforced with carbide or diamond tips. Drilling into stucco is best accomplished by combining these tips with a hammer drill.

Drilling Procedure

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

Ensure you have a tape measure, a pencil, an appropriate drill bit, a wall anchor, a screw, and a hammer drill. Also, I recommend putting on safety goggles— you may blow dirt and debris into your eye when removing them. So, to avoid harming your eyes, have safety gear on. 

Step 2: Determine Where You Need to Drill

Use a pencil and tape measure to determine exactly where you want the hole drilled in the stucco.

Step 3: Get the Drill Bit that Fits the Hole

Ensure your drill bit is not too large for the hole you require, or else the screw will not fit snugly.

Step 4: Connect the Drill Bit

Attach the drill bit to the drill.

Step 5: Position the Drill Bit

Line up the drill bit with the pencil label you made on the stucco in step 2 with both hands.

Step 6: Switch on The Drill

Pull the trigger to turn it on; apply light pressure to the drill. While pulling the trigger, the drill bit should automatically go into the stucco.

Step 7: Drill Until there is No Resistance

Drill into the stucco until no resistance is felt or until the required length is achieved. Drill much deeper into the wall than the span of the screw to ensure a strong hold once completed.

Step 8: Clean the Debris

After drilling the hole, switch off the drill and use a can of compressed air or a baster to remove dirt and debris from the hole you just created. Ensure that no debris blows into your face.

Step 9: Insert the Screw

You can also use a wall anchor if you prefer. To keep a wall anchor in place, dab a tiny touch of caulk into the hole.

Tip. If the stucco is damaged, do not attempt to drill into it. After you have repaired and dried the cracked stucco, you could carefully drill into it.


Should I Hire a Professional to Repair My Stucco and Do It Myself?

This is entirely dependent on how you evaluate your DIY skills. Stucco is relatively simple to repair if you have the right tools and experience.

Can I Hang Anything from The Stucco?

Stucco is a remarkably durable material that is ideal for hanging things. You can hang things from it as long as you adhere to my tips and tricks for drilling into the stucco.

Where can I purchase stucco?

Stucco rarely comes ready to use. Instead, you’ll need to purchase a stucco kit and mix it yourself.

Wrapping Up

Before drilling into stucco, ensure it’s in good condition. Also, drilling into stucco can be simple if you have the appropriate equipment. If you carefully follow the steps outlined above, you shouldn’t have trouble drilling into the stucco.

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