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How to Manually Retract Electric Awning?

Retractable awnings are controlled mechanically, and they might also be controllable electronically. They are operated by gears or motorized, and an electronic type has additional circuitry for operating without touching it. This article will help you if you have to retract it manually.

To do that, you need to understand its mechanism.

If your awning has a lever or hook, know where the lever rod is and what locks are in place. Then, turn the lever with the lever rod inserted inside the lever until the awning is closed. A lever-less variety operated by a nut will require a socket wrench or screw gun/driver, a ladder, and perhaps a 7/16” or 3/8” nut.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable electric awnings expand your outdoor space so you can enjoy spending time on your covered patio, porch, or balcony.

They look great and can protect your home from ultra-violet sun rays and save on the cost of cooling your home. Gears normally operate in smaller awnings, and larger ones are motorized. Sometimes, you might be caught during a power outage or stormy weather, or the remote control may fail, and you will have to retract it manually.

Retracting an Electric Awning

In most cases, your awning will have a lever to retract it easily.

Awnings with a Lever or Hook

If your electric awning has a lever or hook, you can retract it by following these five steps in order:

Step 1: Turn Off the Electronic Control

Before manually retracting the electric awning, ensure its automatic retraction control is turned off. Or, switch off or remove the awning plug.

Step 2: Locate the Lever Rod

A manual lever rod or bar is either attached to the awning or removable. If it’s removable, you must get hold of it first. If you cannot find it, use another suitable rod or bar that fits inside the hollow lever.

Step 3: Insert the Lever Rod

Insert the lever rod into the retracting mechanism in the form of the lever. It may be hidden from view if the awning is open.

Step 4: Open the Locks

If you see locks in place to prevent the lever from turning, you must release them before the next step. There might be one or more than one lock.

Step 5: Crank the lever

Now you are ready to crank the lever using the inserted lever rod. Do this carefully in case another lock you missed is in place or there is another obstruction. Once it starts turning, go all the way until the awning is closed. The mechanism is usually designed not to allow you to pull further than required to open and close the awning completely.

Once the awning is closed, remember to keep the lever rod in a safe and easily accessible place for when you might need to open or close it again manually, and also to lock the awning in place and turn the switch back on.

Awnings without a Lever

A different variety of electric awnings come without levers. For this type, if a nut operates it, you may need a socket wrench or screw gun/driver, a ladder, and perhaps a 7/16” or 3/8” nut (refer to your manual for the exact size).

Step 1: Remove the Rubber Grommet

First, you must remove the rubber grommet by inserting the nut.

Step 2: Insert the Screw Gun with The Nut

Next, attach the nut to the screw gun, and insert the screw gun into the hole.

Step 3: Operate the Screw Gun in ReverseRetracting the awning will usually require turning the nut in reverse, i.e., anti/counter-clockwise (as the clockwise direction will be for opening it).

Once the nut-controlled awning is closed, turn the switch back on.

Useful Tips

I already mentioned one important tip above: turn the automatic feature (power switch) off first in case the awning suddenly operates while you are trying to close it manually and are in the way.

Another was to not turn the lever suddenly in case another lock or obstruction is in place. Here are a few more:

Awnings with Straps

If your awning has a fabric strap or harness designed to fit inside a groove in the retraction drum, and the awning fails to close, you may need to loosen the motor screws on the drum. Also, you can use the strap to control how quickly the awning retracts.

Use a Longer Rod

If you have to struggle when turning the rod or bar inside the lever, make yourself another one for this purpose that is a little longer than the original. The extra length will reduce the effort required to turn the lever.

Refer to The Manual

Since there is a variety of awnings available in the market, if the general procedure described here doesn’t work for you, you can always refer to the manual that came with your awning or contact the manufacturer.

Wrapping Up

Manually retracting a lever-based electric awning is fairly straightforward. You need to turn the lever using the provided rod to close it. One variety with a different non-lever mechanism requires a nut, a socket wrench or screw gun, and a ladder.

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