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How to Turn Off an Electric Fireplace? (4 Steps)

When you rent a cabin or stay at an Airbnb, you might be confused about switching off the electric fireplace.

Here are a few steps, which we’ll cover in more detail below. These steps make the level of power in your fireplace progressively smaller as you follow them; follow them all to be completely safe from any chance of the fireplace turning on.

To Switch Off an Electric Fireplace, Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Switch Off the Heat-Controlling Switch.
  2. Turn the Heat Setting as Far Down as Possible.
  3. Remove the Power Cord from The Plug
  4. Turn Off the Power from The Breaker.

We’ll go into more details below.

Steps for Turning Off Electric Fireplaces

A few methods could be used in case your electric fireplace remote is lost, or you want to have it completely disconnected.

Firstly you need to ask the question, just how “off” do you want your fireplace? If you want to turn a simple switch on and off, many have them on the back. However, remove the insert and do a little more work if you want it completely disconnected. We will cover every level of “off” below and how to do each.

You can follow these steps:

1. Switch Off the Heat-controlling Switch (Safe Enough to leave Home For a Day)

Try looking for the heat-controlling or temperature-maintaining knob; once you have found it move the knob to the low-heat side, and at the end, the temperature knob will stop rotating, which means the temperature has been turned off.

switch off the heat-controlling switch

2. Turn the Heat Setting as Far Down as Possible (Safe Enough To leave Home For a Few Days)

Once the heat-controlling switch has been shut off, the second step is to shut off the heat setting by turning it as far down as possible. This step is a preventive measure to prevent the fireplace from any internal damage.

heat setting turn to lowest

3. Remove the Power Cord (Safe Enough to leave Home Perpetually)

Note: Some electric fireplaces will have this cord built directly into the insert in the back of the fireplace, and you will need to remove them completely to get access to this cord.

You may prevent your electric fireplace from being unintentionally turned on by disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet. Be sure to mark the location of the power cord so that it may be readily reconnected the next time you wish to use the fireplace.

electric fireplace power cord

To prevent injury, wait 15 minutes after turning off the power before turning it back on again in the fireplace.

4. Turn Off the Electric Fireplaces Power Source (Safe Enough to leave Home Long Term)

Note: This could be an alternative to removing the power cord if it’s located directly in the insert in the back of the fireplace. Doing this is just as safe as removing that cord. You need to make sure you got the right breaker.

Turning off the electric fireplace’s circuit breaker is a precaution you must take when using an electric fireplace heater. That way, if there’s a blackout, your fireplace won’t accidentally turn on when the power is restored.

You can find out which switch is your electric fireplace by experimenting, turning them off and on; once you find out which is, you should label it with some masking tape for future use.

switch panel


Are Electric Fireplaces Hot To The Touch? 

The answer is No; you won’t be able to feel the heat of the fire itself. But they still make the air and room around them warmer. Convection heat from an electric fire isn’t worse than radiant heat.

Will the Electric Fireplace Get Warm if Used for a Long?

Yes, they will; for example, an electric Regency Skope fireplace generates heat. It has a 1-2 kW electric heater and a fan to disperse the heat. 1-2 kW is equivalent to around 5,000 BTUs, sufficient to heat a small space or piece of a bigger room but not an entire home. Electric fireplaces from Skope can also be used without heat to create ambiance.

Does the Fireplace Emit Extra Heat when We Can’t Turn It Off?

The firebox, the electric fireplace heat source, does get hot as it’s used, but most fireplaces have cool-to-the-touch features, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers. Children and pets do not need to be kept away from the hearth because the encircling wall or media cabinet does not get hot.

Can I Leave My Electric Fireplace on All Night?

Keeping an electric fireplace overnight is acceptable if the room it is installed in needs extra heating, as these fireplaces are essentially space heaters. It’s not a good idea to keep electrical items on when you sleep, especially heaters.

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