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How to Hide TV Wires Over Brick Fireplace (5 Ways)

Regardless of the size and the shape of your brick fireplace, hiding wires is one of the hardest parts of mounting a TV. If you cannot convincingly hide the wires, the whole idea of mounting the TV over your brick fireplace might lose its aesthetic appeal with ugly wires draped over it.

So, today I’m going to give you some tips to hide TV wires over a brick fireplace that have worked for me and our readers(as we get more tips well add them to the guide).

In general, there are multiple ways to hide wires over a brick fireplace. The best option is to run the wires through the fireplace. Other than that, buying a cable management kit, using pallets, creating art with wires, and hiring a temp are the most common ways to hide wires over a wall-mounted TV.

Must-Do Things Before Starting the Wall Mount

Mounting a flat TV over a fireplace can be an exciting DIY project. However, there are a few things you should follow before starting the process. So, here, I’m planning to cover them. Even though these tips seem simple, they can be crucial.

Acceptable Temperature

First, you’ll have to check the temperature of the brick fireplace. To do that, let the brick fireplace run for a few hours. Then, check the temperature using a thermometer. The temperature should be below 100°F. If the temperature is above 100°F, it is not a suitable place to mount your flat-screen TV as it could cause heat damage.

Viewing Angle

Whether you plan to mount the TV over a fireplace or position it on a TV stand, the viewing angle should be near perfect. That means the TV should be set up at your eye level. If the TV is located too high compared to your eyesight, it won’t be a good fit. Sometimes you might suffer from various neck and shoulder injuries just by trying to watch TV.

So, the best viewing angle should be at or below your eyesight. To check this, hang an image or artwork on the brick fireplace and inspect the viewing angle.

5 Ways to Hide TV Wire Over Brick Fireplace

Most fireplaces are located in the living room. Even after you mount the TV over the brick fireplace, if you don’t organize the wires and cables, the whole layout will look unsightly. The sole purpose of mounting the TV over a fireplace is decoration. If the wires and cable are messy, what is the point?

Here are five ways you can do that. Depending on your requirement and budget, you can choose any one of them.

Run the Cables and Wires Through the Fireplace

Have you ever looked inside of your brick fireplace? If you haven’t, you’ll be surprised to hear there is a ton of empty space behind the fireplace. You can run all the TV cables and wires through there. So, in this section, I’m going to show you how you can use that empty space to hide TV wires and cables.

Things You Need

  • Drill
  • Marking tape
  • Hole saw
  • Large masonry chisel
  • Hammer
  • Power plug with a male and female connectors

Step 1 – Mark the Position of the TV

First, mark the position of the TV on the brick fireplace. Use marking tape for this. When you mark, remember to consider the viewing angle.

Step 2 – Drill a Hole in the Side Access Panel

Most fireplaces come with a side access panel. This panel is used for repair work. Use a hole saw to make a hole on the side panel. You can use this hole for the power plug.

Keep in mind: Depending on the size of the power plug, you’ll have to use a suitable hole saw.

Step 3 – Go Inside the Fireplace

Then, remove the side panel.

Step 4 – Determine a Good Location for Power Plug

Now you need to determine the hole’s location on the brick fireplace. While choosing a location for the hole, remember to avoid the header. Choose a position that is just above the header. So, take the necessary measurement and come outside.

Step 5 – Drill a Hole in the Brick Fireplace

Next, use the hammer and the chisel to remove bricks.

Then use the drill to make the hole.

Step 6 – Install the Female Connector of the Power Plug On the Fireplace

For this process, you’ll need a power plug with male and female connectors.

Take the female connector and install it in the brick fireplace.

Step 7 – Use a Conduit to Protect the Wire

Now, go back inside the brick fireplace and set up a conduit to protect the TV wire and cable. Running the wires through a conduit will protect them from rodents.

Step 8 – Install the Male Connector on the Side Access Panel

Then, run the TV wires through the conduit. Next, Install the male connector on the side access panel. Remember to take out the other wires.

Step 9 – Repair the Damaged Brickwork

Finally, inspect the brick fireplace wall. If needed, repair the brickwork.

Now mount the flat-screen TV on the fireplace. Then, you can plug in the extension cord to the female connector on the brick wall.

Organize the Wires with a Cable Management Kit

Using a cable management kit is an affordable and effective way to hide TV wires and cables. With the cable management kit, you’ll get the following items.

cable management kit
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  • Cable Sleeves
  • Cable Holders
  • Cable Clips
  • Cable Fastening Ties
  • Cable Tie Roles

You can use any of the above items to organize the messy wires. For instance, the large cord clips are excellent for extension cords. Bend the small wires and cord them using cable ties. Remember when using cable ties, place them every 6 inches.

Wooden Pallet

If you are looking for a way to cover TV wires on a minimum budget, using a wooden pallet might be the best method out there. You can get these wooden pallets for free or at low prices from your local wood workshop. It is an easy and quick method to hide wires. (1)

However, before fixing the wooden pallets, remember to clean them. Also, use some wood preservatives and paint. Paint the pallet the same as the wall color.

Tip: When we talk about wooden pallets, we cannot ignore the stick wood. If you haven’t used stick wood yet, it is a very thin wooden plank. Besides, stick wood is a suitable option for hiding wires and brick fireplaces.

Create some Art

If you like to be a little creative, this method is for you. But, this method will take some time. Try to tap into your artistic side and create art using the TV wires. For instance, use different colors, create shapes, and hang some ornaments. Creating a tree branch with TV wires is an easy and appropriate technique to hide wires. You might have to paint the leaves by yourself. It all depends on your imagination. (2)

Hire a Temp

For some people, any of the above methods might be difficult. Sometimes you might not be a DIY person, and sometimes, you might not have enough time on your plate. If that is the case, hire a temp. They are highly professional and have the skill set needed to handle such projects. However, you’ll have to spend some money.

Wrapping Up

As you can understand, there is more than one way to hide TV wires. However, choose the safest method that you think fits perfectly for your needs. During such a project, you might damage your flat-screen TV or wall accidentally. So, try to be careful and don’t make a mess in the living room.

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(1) minimum budget – https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/success/best-practices/maximize-your-budget
(2) imagination – https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2013-09/how-imagination-works/

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