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How Do I Reset My Electric Fireplace? (5-Step Guide)

Sometimes a reset helps rectify certain issues with your electric fireplace. It may be a good way to fix a temporary problem. However, depending on the exact issue, there are some things you should check beforehand, and other things you can do in case resetting does not resolve the issue.

Resetting an Electric Fireplace

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To reset your electric fireplace, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Switch It Off

Switch the electric fireplace off.

Step 2: Remove the Plug

Unplug the cord from the power outlet.

Step 3: Wait a Short While

If the electric fireplace was in use just before turning it off, then give it time to cool. You may have to wait up to around 30 minutes. Otherwise, give it only a short while (about 30 seconds) before the next step. However, you may need to keep it switched completely off for longer if the problem does not get resolved, like 5-10 minutes.

Step 4: Re-Plug It

Once the fireplace is cool, re-plug it.

Step 5: Switch It Back On

Push the button, usually located on the side of the fireplace, to switch it back on.

Wait until your electric fireplace is operational again, and enjoy its warmth.

Dealing with Persistent Issues

If resetting your electric fireplace fails to resolve the issue for which you tried to reset it, try as suggested below. These are all typical issues that are normally fixed by resetting, but if they persist, then you may need to do something else before doing that again.

No heat or air blows out

Ensure the thermostat is at the required level. Adjust it if necessary. You will feel hot air blow if the thermostat is set higher than the room temperature.

The glow is very dim

If the logs, ember, or flame glows but very dimly, you should check for loose connections. If you find any, tighten them, or if necessary, replace them.

The ember bed glows without a flame

If the ember bed glows without a flame, and it’s a mechanical electric fireplace, check if the spinner spindle is connected to the motor and that the drive motor, which creates the glow, is running.

It still keeps turning off (or is overheating)

This might happen if the fireplace still overheats.

Some electric fireplaces have built-in protection against overheating, so they switch off if this happens. Check the appliance to ensure that neither the air intake nor the outlets are blocked. If they are, the fireplace could get too hot.

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After doing any of the above, it is best to reset the fireplace once more before using it. If this does not fix the issue, stop using it and contact customer service.

Is It Getting Power?

If the reason for trying to reset your electric fireplace is that it is not working or powering on:

  • Does the remote control have working batteries? If in doubt, insert fresh ones.
  • Is the power cord plugged in? It should not be loose. Ensure it is plugged in securely.
  • Is the power button on? Double-check to ensure the appliance has been switched on.
  • Has the fuse blown, or has the circuit breaker tripped? You will need to investigate and address the underlying issue if it keeps happening. An electric fireplace typically requires a 15 or 16-amp circuit.

Why the Fireplace May Need Resetting

If all the above checks are fine and the electric fireplace still fails to turn on, or if any of the following happen, then you may need to reset it:

  • It turns on but fails to function as expected. For example, no heat or warm air comes out, or the logs, ember, or flame glows but is very dim.
  • If there is some glitch, making it not work properly. For example, the fireplace keeps turning off.

Automatic Reset

In certain situations, if your electric fireplace is capable of resetting automatically, it will normally do so in situations such as when there is an overheating issue or a breakdown of the mechanical motor.

Wrapping Up

Before you decide to reset your electric fireplace, we mentioned some things you should check to ensure it is getting power. The process of resetting an electric fireplace itself is straightforward. Simply switch it off, unplug it for a while, then re-plug it and turn it back on. Normally, you may need to do this if it turns on but fails to function, or if there is some glitch. We also mentioned other things to try in case the issue that prompted you to reset it persists.

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