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How to Make an FM Antenna from Speaker Wire? (7 Easy Steps)

If you need to learn how to make an FM antenna by only using a 10 feet speaker wire, I’ll teach you how below.

When dealing with FM radio signals, you know as well as me that getting signals from the FM station can be quite difficult. If you live far away from the station, catching those FM signals might become impossible. So, considering all of this, you’ll need a good FM antenna to grab those signals.

In general, to make an FM antenna from speaker wire:

  • Understand the process properly.
  • Gather the necessary things.
  • Split 3 feet of speaker wire.
  • Arrange the T shape after splitting the wire.
  • Strip 2 inches from the other end of the speaker wire.
  • Connect the antenna to the FM receiver.
  • Place the antenna in a suitable location.

I will go into more detail in the below 7-step guide.

7 Steps Guide on How to Make an FM Antenna from Speaker Wire

Be Mindful: Most of the time, you might experience bad FM signal issues because of the distance between the receiver and the FM radio station.

This method is ideal for such situations.

Step 1 – Understanding the Process

First and foremost, it is always better to initially understand the idea and workings behind the speaker wire FM antenna. When you get familiar with the basic concept of this technique, you can easily build an FM antenna that works perfectly. So, here is a simple explanation.

In this technique, you build a T-shaped antenna with a speaker wire. And you only need a speaker wire for this process. One end of the speaker wire will be T shaped, and the other will connect to the FM signal receiver.

Use a speaker wire that ranges from 16 – 24 gauge for this process. 

Step 2 – Gather the Necessary Things

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Here’s a list of things you’ll need for building a speaker wire FM antenna.

  • 10 feet speaker wire
  • Wire stripper
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker pen
  • FM signal receiver
  • Pair of pliers or knife

After getting the above materials, you are ready to start step 3.

Step 3 – Split 3 Feet of Speaker Wire

Next, take the 10 feet of speaker wire and measure 3 feet length on it. And remember to mark the 3 feet using a marker pen.

After that, split the speaker wire to the 3 feet mark.

Most speaker cables come with dual speaker wires, and they are attached; you can see them in the above image. So, use the knife or the plier to separate those two wires.

If you follow the above instructions correctly, now you should have 3 feet of split wire and 7 feet of intact wire.

Step 4 – Arrange the T Shape

t shape with measurements
Video | KG6HQD Jerry

Then, take the speaker wire and form a T shape like in the above image. You can do this by bending the 3 feet wire parts at a 90-degree angle to the intact 7 feet wire. Remember, this t shape acts as the antenna’s branches. And the other end of the speaker wire connects to the receiver.

Step 5 – Strip the Other End of the Speaker Wire

Now use the wire stripper and strip the other end of the speaker wire (the end that has intact wires). You should strip at least 2 inches from that end. As I mentioned, this end goes to the receiver, and the wire conductor should be long enough to connect to the clamp and hold connectors.

Step 6 – Connect the Antenna to the Receiver

It is time to connect the speaker wires to the FM receiver. But first, you should find the correct connectors.

Check the rear side of the receiver, and you should see the marking “FM EXT and ANT EXT.”

After finding the correct port twist the bare speaker wire together. Then, please insert it into the FM ANT port.

If the port is clamp-and-hold, you can easily connect the wire to the port.

Step 7 – Set up the FM Antenna

If you followed the above six steps correctly, you now have a homemade FM antenna. Find a suitable location for the FM antenna and place it.

Ideal Place for FM Antenna

Finding an ideal location for the FM radio antenna is far more important than one might think. For instance, you should place it in a higher location for a better signal. Also, the antenna should be close to the nearest FM station. That way, you’ll get more powerful signals for your FM receiver. You can place the antenna outside or on top of the inner walls. Or place it on a rooftop.

Important: You might have to move the FM receiver location according to the antenna placement.

Extending the FM Antenna

Rather than moving the FM receiver, you can always extend the antenna. This is a much easier option, and here’s how you can extend your FM antenna.

Step 1 – Measure the Length

First, take the measuring tape and measure the length between the receiver and the location of the FM antenna. This will give you an idea of how much speaker wire you need.

Step 2 – Buy and Extend

If the FM antenna is already assembled, you’ll have to buy the wires according to the new placement of the FM antenna. Then, connect the new speaker wire to the two longer antenna leads. Use a wire stripper to strip the speaker wires.

Also, use crimp connectors on each speaker wire connection. This will make the wire connection stronger.

Benefits of Using a Speaker Wire for an FM Antenna

Using a speaker wire to build an FM antenna comes with many benefits.

Powerful FM Radio Signal

Using a speaker wire as your FM antenna, you’ll get much more powerful FM signals for your receiver. This is the main benefit of using a speaker wire for a homemade FM antenna. Also, you can use a coaxial cable to build such an FM antenna. These two wire types are the best choices to catch FM signals.

Easy to Execute

Did you know that you can make an FM antenna with a coaxial cable? Well, you can. But the process is a little complicated compared to using a speaker wire for an FM antenna. You’ll be able to assemble your speaker wire FM antenna easily and cheaply.


If you plan to buy an FM antenna, it will cost you between $5 and $40. Sometimes, you might have to pay more. You can save all of that money just by assembling a homemade speaker wire FM antenna. You can get a powerful FM signal without much effort with the right placement.


Is It Possible to Use a Speaker Wire as FM Antenna?

Yes, indeed. You can use a speaker wire to assemble a dipole FM radio antenna. And building the antenna is quite easy, and it will cost you less than buying an FM antenna. You need 10 feet of speaker wire for this process, and you’ll get much better signals for your FM receiver.

What Type of Wires Does an FM Radio Antenna Use?

There are three different types of FM radio antenna wires. Most often, manufacturers use flat 300-ohm twin-line cables. Also, RG59/U 75 ohm coaxial cable and RG59/U line loss cable are popular choices too.

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