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How to Charge a Cart Battery without a Charger (5 Options)

If you’ve damaged, misplaced, or lost your vape cart’s charger, there are other ways to charge its battery.

To charge a cart battery without a charger, you can use an ordinary phone charger or a portable power bank or plug it into a USB port on your computer or wall socket. You can also buy an external battery charger or make your own.

I will explain each of these options in this article.

Charging Options for Cart Batteries

The following five options are available for charging a cart battery without a charger:

  1. Use an ordinary phone charger.
  2. Use a portable power bank.
  3. Plug the cart into a USB port on your computer or wall socket.
  4. Use an external battery charger.
  5. Make your cart battery charger.


Observe the following precautions before charging the vape cart’s battery:

  • Keep the cart away from flammable materials while charging.
  • Don’t use the vape cart while charging its battery.
  • Monitor the charging for any sign of overheating.
  • Avoid overcharging.

Option 1: Use a Phone Charger

You can use the micro USB port of your mobile phone to charge the cart.

Although not specifically designed for charging vapes, they work equally well, and micro-USB to standard USB leads are widely available. If your phone has a USB-C port, you can buy an adapter to convert from micro-USB to USB-C.

The only exceptions where this method will not work are certain models that don’t accept a micro-USB charger.

attaching a vape to a mobile phone for charging
Attaching a vape to a mobile phone for charging

Option 2: Use a Portable Power Bank

With a portable power bank, you can charge your vape cart anywhere.

It is essentially a battery with a stored charge that can supply power. You can usually charge any device as long as it can attach to it, which includes vape carts.

using a power bank to charge a cart’s battery
Using a power bank to charge a cart’s battery

Option 3: Plug the Cart into a USB Port

Various electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, and game consoles have USB ports nowadays, which you can plug the cart into.

However, if the device is not plugged in, attaching the vape cart to charge its battery will drain it.

charging vape cart using USB cable and port
Video | Bardy

Option 4: Use an External Battery Charger

With an external battery charger, you can remove the battery from inside the vape cart and insert it into the external charger to charge it.

This method is only possible if the battery is removable. Some vape pens, such as the JUUL, have hard-wired batteries, so this method will not work. Carts that use standard AA or AAA batteries are the easiest to charge externally as long as they are rechargeable.

charging cart batteries in an external charger
Charging cart batteries in an external charger

Option 5: Make Your Cart Battery Charger

If neither of the above four options works, you can always make your cart battery charger.

You will need a working charger or a charged battery, some wires, and a means to attach those wires, such as by taping. You might also need a screwdriver or pliers to open the Vape. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the vape cart and gently remove all those parts to access its battery. If the battery is removable, remove it.
  2. Identify the cart battery’s positive and negative terminals.
  3. Attach the supplied charger or battery’s leads or terminals to the ends of the cart’s battery. Connect them directly, like terminals with each other, i.e., the positive terminals to each other and, likewise, the negative terminals to each other. Ensure the contacts are secure, such as by tapping the ends down.

This is not an ideal battery charging method, as you cannot ensure safe charging and prevent overcharging. But if it’s the last resort, you can charge the cart’s battery in an emergency. I suggest you monitor the charging and stop it if you notice the battery or wires overheating.


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