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How to Hit a Cart without a Battery

Vape carts, which are used for vaping, are popular among smokers and non-smokers alike.

They contain a heating element that transforms the concentrate into vapor. But what if the battery doesn’t work or you can’t get a replacement immediately? I’ll show you how to hit a cart without a battery. This method can be useful when the vape battery doesn’t work, or you need to replace it but can’t find one.

You can use a mobile phone charger or USB cable to hit a vape cart out of an electrical socket, a power bank, or a laptop’s USB port. Cut the cable, strip the ends of the black and red wires, connect the black conductor inside the bottom hole and the red one to the outside metallic surface, and insert the USB connector into a powered USB port. Then, wait a few seconds for the concentrate to vaporize and enjoy.

The Items You Will Need

You will need the following things to hit a cart without a battery:

  • A USB cable/lead or the phone’s charging cable
  • Pliers, a wire cutter, or a pair of scissors
  • A wire stripper or clipper (to cut the insulation layer)
  • Either an adapter, power bank, or laptop

Don’t be tempted to use an igniter. Although it can work by heating the container, only do that if you don’t have access to any power source. Using an alternative power source is safer to heat the concentrate inside the container.

Hitting a Cart without a Battery

Step 1: Cut the Wires

Firstly, you must cut the USB cable so that only the connector remains attached.

Cut the cable using pliers, a wire cutter, or a pair of scissors. Leave enough length to reach the power source (USB port).

cutting the charging port of a charger
Video | Dank Dex

Step 2: Cut the Insulation Layer

Secondly, strip off a part of the insulation layer to reveal the wires inside.

Strip the wires further to expose the conductors using a wire stripper or a nail clipper. I don’t recommend that you melt their ends with a lighter.

The important ones that deliver power are only two: black and red. You won’t need to use the other (white and green) wires because they are used for data transfer. So you can leave them alone or clip their ends.

stripping the red and black wires using nail cutter
Video | Dank Dex

clipping the non-black/red wires
Video | Dank Dex

Step 3: Attach the Cart

In this step, you’ll attach the lead to the cart.

The black and red conductors are attached to the bottom of the cart, where you’ll see two terminals. There should be a small, circular hole in the center. The stripped end of the black wire goes inside this hole, and the red one on the outside, i.e., on the external metallic surface.

attach the black wire inside the coil
Video | Dank Dex

attach the red wire outside the coil
Video | Dank Dex

Step 4: Connect to a Power Source

We need an alternative power source because we won’t use a battery.

It may be a USB adapter operating at 5 volts, a power bank, or a laptop’s USB port. The USB connector end of the lead goes into the USB port of whatever device you’re using. If it’s a laptop or other computer, it should be powered on, or the port should be able to provide power even while it’s off.

attach the USB cable to a power source
Video | Dank Dex

Step 5: Get Ready to Hit

The cart should start operating when you attach the two conductors and the USB connector.

If it doesn’t work, wait a few seconds or check one or both cable ends. The black and red conductors should be attached securely to the cart, and the USB connector must be getting power.

While operating, you will notice the fluid heating up and vapor emerging from the cart. Stand by to hit the cart.

Step 6: Hit the Cart

When the vapor is produced, it’s ready to use.

Insert the mouthpiece end and inhale it as you normally do. However, inhaling it carefully. The higher power (5 volts rather than 1.5 volts) might make it a little harsher than what you’re used to inhaling.

E-Cigarettes and Vape Carts

E-cigarettes are a relatively safer alternative to ordinary cigarettes.

They don’t need an open flame, and they don’t contain any nicotine. They also deal with the problem of passive smoking, as there’s no flame or smoke. The odorless vapor vanishes quickly.

They work because they contain vape carts, which are disposable containers, usually with hemp concentrate or cannabis inside. A powered coil or atomizer transforms the concentrate into vapor. The power needed to do this comes from batteries.

However, I showed you how you could hit one without a battery.


Can I use an Android or iPhone charger to hit the cart?

Yes. That’s what this article was about.

Any USB mobile phone charger will do. All USB chargers operate on 5 volts. You will cut off the adapter end to leave only the USB connector anyway. A mini-USB connector will go into a mini-USB port; if it’s a USB-C connector, it will connect to a USB-C port.

Can’t I use a lighter to hit the cart instead?

Don’t be tempted to use an igniter. Although it can work by heating the container, only do that if you don’t have access to any power source. In that case, only let the flame touch the container for a few seconds. A small amount of heat should be enough to hit the cart with a lighter.

Using an alternative power source is safer only to heat the concentrate inside the container. You do that by connecting to a power source that will heat the coil.

How does a phone charger make you able to hit a cart? How is this different from using a battery?

The USB lead contains two wires for delivering power: black and red ones.

When the cable’s other end is connected to a power source, the two power wires will do the same as a battery, except the voltage will be higher. The positive wire replaces the battery’s positive end, and the negative wire replaces its negative end. The wire connected to the outside grounds the vape cart to complete the circuit.

The new source of electricity connects to the same coil, as does a battery, so the only difference is the power source.

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