How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Blown Outlet

Are you planning to fix a blown outlet in your home?

A properly working electrical outlet can protect you and your family in many ways. Because of that, repairing and maintaining electrical outlets is far more important than one might think. But what about the repair cost?

In general, an electrician will charge you $40 to $170 per single outlet replacement. And the cost of the unit should be added to the total amount. An experienced electrician will complete the job within one hour.

I’ll get into more detail in the below article.

Cost for Fixing a Blown Outlet

When an electric outlet is blown, you’ll have to replace it soon as possible. You might be planning to replace the outlet yourself. But doing it by yourself is not a good idea. Instead, hire a qualified electrician.

However, an electrician will charge you between $40 and $170 for one outlet. If you plan to replace all the outlets in your home, it will cost you between $1100 and $2400 depending on the number of outlets.

Other Electrical Outlet Repair Costs

Depending on your home’s job requirements and location, the outlet repair job cost will vary. For instance, it could be a loose outlet. Or it could be a small plaster repair job around the outlet. Or you might be planning to repair an outlet in a commercial building.

Hence, depending on the task, the repair job will cost you between $65 and $200. In the next section, I’ll give tips and ballparks on different repair jobs.

Types of Repairs and Costs

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Electrical outlets can face a wide range of issues while using them regularly. And depending on the issue, you might have to pay different repair costs.

I highly recommend you keep these rates in mind. Otherwise, you might get overcharged without knowing it.

Here is a simple chart that can solve all your problems regarding outlet repair costs.

IssueAverage Cost of Repair
Loose$65 – $125
Improper Connection$65 – $150
Short Circuit$75 – $200
Incorrect Rating$120 – $200
Warm Wall$120 – $200
Crack$120 – $200
Falling Out Plug$120 – $200
Moisture$120 – $200

Note: However, the above rate might increase slightly depending on the location. But the rate shouldn’t increase by a large amount.

Most often, the above repair jobs might take an hour or less. For instance, the experienced electrician should be able to test the outlet, fix loose connections and install a new electrical outlet within an hour.

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