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How to Wire a Lincoln 225 Welder (4-Step Guide)

You’ll learn how to wire a Lincoln 225 welder in detail by the end of this article.

The Lincoln 225 welder is undoubtedly one of the best arc welders; as my personal favorite, I have a few tips I can share. Sometimes, you need extra help wiring it or have some wiring issues and need to reevaluate your setup. I have put together this guide for you for these situations and more.

In general, to wire a Lincoln 225 welder:

  • Strip the four wires that connect to the power plug.
  • Connect the L1, L2, neutral, and ground wires to the plug.
  • Loosen the screws on the back of the welder and remove the outer housing.
  • Take the wiring diagram and check the inside wiring accordingly.

I’ll go into more details in the below article.

What Wire Size to Use?

60-amp wire circuits
Video | Steve Watroba

This welder runs on 50 or 60-amp wire circuits. For a 50 amp circuit, the suitable wire size is 6 AWG. For a 60 amp circuit, use 4 AWG or 6 AWG wires.

Always be mindful of the voltage drop. When you run the cable a long distance, the voltage drop will get higher. Try to keep it under recommended levels.

Recommended Voltage Drop

The acceptable voltage drop for lights is 3%, and for other circuits, 5%. Try to keep the voltage drop under these values.

Quick Tip: You should choose the 6-4 AWG cable, and these cables come with four different conductors.

Getting Started – 4 Step Guide to Wire a Lincoln 225 Welder

Things You’ll Need

  • Wire stripper
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Philips screwdriver

Step 1 – Check the Plug

The best place to start is the plug. Inspect the plug. If the plug is intact, you don’t have to replace it.

However, in many cases, you’ll have to install and wire a new plug. First, strip the four wires using a wire stripper.

Step 2 – Connect the Wires to the Plug

Then, take your brand-new power plug and connect the wires to the plug. Use a Philips screwdriver for this.

  1. There should be four wires.
  2. The black and red wires are the live wires.
  3. The white one represents the neutral wire.
  4. The green one represents the ground wire.
  5. Connect each wire to the corresponding terminal.

Quick Tip: You may have to tape off the white wire since the plug only has three terminals.

Step 3 – Remove the Housing

Next, grab the Philips screwdriver and loosen the screw at the back of the welder. After removing these screws, you can separate the housing from the welder.

Step 4 – Check the Inside Wiring

Next, you need to find the wiring diagram for the Lincoln 225 welder. Most of the time, you’ll get it with an instruction manual. However, if you cannot find it, follow the below link.

Wiring diagram for Lincoln 225 Welder.

You can also download the Lincoln 225 welder manual from the above link.

Don’t Forget: Depending on the model of the Lincoln welder you have, the wiring diagram and manual might vary. So, first, get the model number correctly.

Now, inspect the wiring diagram thoroughly. Check each item and confirm the connection is proper. You should check the following things.

  • Wiring of the controller switch
  • Ground wire connection
  • Main power supply line

After checking the above, you are ready to use your Lincoln 225 welder. Connect the plug to a suitable receptacle and switch ON the welder.

What is the Amp Range for Lincoln 225 Welder?

Even though I used a 50-amp circuit for this demonstration for a Lincoln arc welder, you can change the amp value from 40 amps to 225 amps. Adjust the desired amp value using the controller switch at the front of the welder.

Ensure the amperage range can be handled by your chosen wire.

Watts Requirement of Lincoln 225 Welder

Lincoln welder has an output of 225 amp and 25V. However, the welder draws 50 amps of AC and 36 amps of DC.

Therefore, watts requirement for AC = 50 × 240 = 12000 watts

Watts requirement for DC = 36 × 240 = 8640 watts

Which Circuit Breaker is Most Suited for the Lincoln 225 Welder?

As mentioned earlier, you can use either the 50 amp circuit breaker or the 60 amp circuit breaker. But which circuit breaker is the best?

Well, it all depends on the model of the Lincoln arc welder. For instance, some models come with a 63 amp rating. So, it is wise to use a 60-amp circuit breaker.

Quick Tip: The welder only draws 63 amps while the machine is working at full capacity. So, for a 63 amp rating welder, you can use the 60 amp breaker. However, if you have doubts about this type of thing, please get help from a professional. (1, 2)

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