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How to Make a Bird Cage with Wire (5 Steps)

You can buy ready-made bird cages, but why not easily create one to suit your preferred size, shape, and design? If you can create a wooden frame, you only need to attach wire mesh and other items. I’ll show you how it’s done!

To make a bird cage with wire, decide on the size and design and get enough wood and wire mesh ready, along with a latch and hinge. Create the wooden frame first, including space for the opening, and then attach the wire mesh. Please make a separate small door, cover it with mesh, and join the whole frame together. Finally, attach the latch and hinge.

I’ve also listed everything you need and given some designs to inspire your own and a few extra tips. Read the considerations first, as planning is crucial to getting it right.

Requirements and Considerations

The Things You’ll Need

  • Pencil and paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire mesh
  • Wooden pieces (as per your chosen size and design)
  • Latch, padlock, and hinge
  • Nails (long enough to join the materials without passing through to the other side) or staples
  • Screws (for attaching the latch and hinge)
  • Tool: wire cutter, hammer, screwdriver

A wood pieces and wire mesh

Before designing your bird cage, you must consider the size you want it to be, the design, and what wire mesh to use.


You can make a birdcage any size, but the larger the cage, the more wire and space you need.

Generally, a small bird cage is approximately 24 x 24 x 24 inches, a medium-sized one is around 36 inches long or high, and a large one is at least 48 inches. The three dimensions don’t need to be the same so you can make one, for example, 30” high, 48” long, and 24” deep.

So, consider how much space you have for it and how much wire you can get.

A small and big sizes of bird's cage

A large-sized green bird's cage


You can design the bird cage in various ways.

Seeing a few different previously-made bird cages may help to inspire you when designing your own. For example, you may want to consider where to have the opening and how large it should be.

I’ve given a sample of special designs at the end, as we will learn to make a simple bird cage in this guide.

Number of Birds

The size and design will also depend on how many birds you need to accommodate inside the cage.


The wood for constructing the frame should be:

  • Natural, i.e., free of any added chemicals or other treatments
  • Smooth, i.e., free of splinters
  • Strong enough to support the weight of the bird cage, the bird, and its feed

Wire Mesh

The thickness of the wire mesh should be appropriate for the bird’s size. I recommend at least:

  • 2 mm for a small bird
  • 2.5 mm for a medium-sized bird
  • 3.5 mm for a large bird

The wire mesh also affects the bird’s health and safety, which are important considerations.

  • The ideal metal to use is nickel-plated aluminum. Don’t use iron or ordinary steel, as you don’t want the cage to rut. Also, avoid other metals that heat up easily.
  • Don’t colorize the wire mesh because it could harm the bird.
  • Electroplate the mesh for the best results.

Nails or Staples

If using staples instead of nails, usually 3/8” are suitable for a small cage, ½” for a medium-sized one, and 9/16” for a large one.

Making a Bird Cage with Wire

Once you’ve decided on the size and design, make the birdcage. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create the Frame

Create the frame using the wooden pieces according to your chosen size and design.

Create parts of the frame at a time and progress by joining them together. If your design has corners, ensure they are perfectly 90 degrees.

Step 2: Attach the Wire Mesh

It’s time to attach the wire mesh once the wooden frame is ready.

Wrap the mesh around the sides, then cut to size. You might be unable to cover all the sides with a single piece, so make separate pieces as necessary.

Attach the wire mesh using nails or staples. Start from one side and work your way around. Ensure the mesh is secure and will not come loose.

Step 3: Make a Door

Construct a small door frame and attach a small wire mesh to cover it.

It should have the same width as the opening. Allow for a latch on one side and a hinge on the other.

Step 4: Join the Frame

When joining the frame, nail the corners to ensure they are secure. Then, nail around the edges, at least half an inch away from each edge.

Step 5: Attach the Latch and Hinge

Attach the latch and hinge at the end – the latch on one side and the hinge on another (usually the opposite side).

The final finished birdcage may look something like this:

More Designs to Inspire You

Here are some more designs to inspire you:

image 54 5

Different design and sizes of a bird's cage

Different design and sizes of a bird's cage

Looking After the Bird Cage

Here are a few extra tips to take good care of your bird cage:

  • Don’t paint the birdcage.
  • Clean the bird cage at least every week to prevent mold and bacteria.
  • Place the birdcage away from a window or other platform where a cat could easily jump. Having one side against the wall and natural light is fine; birds prefer open spaces with adequate sunlight. Use birdseed, sand, or gravel for the bottom.


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