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What Size is a 29 Drill Bit?

In this article, ill teach you what size a 29 drill bit is and some other helpful tips.

As an electrician and handyman, I use a variety of sizes for all types of jobs. The #29 is one of my standard drill bit set’s most commonly used drill bits. So, below, ill be sharing some knowledge regarding it.

In general, the #29 drill bit has a diameter of 0.1360 inches. As a fraction, this value equals 9/64 inches; in millimeters, this value equals 3.4544.

Size of the #29 Drill Bit

number 29 drill bit
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You can locate the #29 drill bit in the middle of the drill bit set. This drill bit is essential for construction projects, home repairs, woodworking, machinery, and other fields.

The number 29 drill bit has a diameter of 0.1360 inches. However, there are a few other terms to represent this 0.1360-inch value.

As a Fraction:

0.1360 decimal value is equal to 17/125. However, drill bit standard sizes come in 1/64 intervals. Hence, we need to get the 1/64 round-up (or down) value for the 17/125 fraction. Here’s the result of round-up and down values. (1)

Round down = 1/8 inches

#29 drill bit = 17/125 inches

Round up = 9/64 inches

Above three fractions in decimal numbers.

1/8 = 0.125 inches

#29 = 0.1360 inches

9/64 = 0.140625 inches

Therefore, we can consider the size of the #29 drill bit as 7/64 inches (closest value to 0.1360).

In Millimeters:

One inch can be recognized as 25.4mm.

Hence, the size of the #29 drill bit in millimeters = 0.1360 × 25.4 = 3.4544 mm

How Many Drill Bit Sizes are There?

drill bit set in different sizes
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Well, the answer is a little complicated. So, instead of answering the question, let me ask you a question. How many size holes are there in the world?

There are an infinite number of hole sizes. But when it comes to drilling bit sizes, they are categorized as drill bit’s standard sizes.

So, for each application, you can use a few dozen drill bit sizes. For instance, you can use one set of drill bits for construction work, one for woodworking, and another set for home repairs. (2)

With that in mind, here are some most common drill bits standard sizes.

5 drill bits in a set
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Note: Over 80 drill bit sizes are available when categorized in numbers. However, I’m only showing the most common drill bits in the following drill chart.

Drill BitSize (inches)Size (millimeters)

As you can imagine from the drill chart, the diameter decreases when the drill bit number increases. For instance, the #80 drill bit has a diameter of 0.0135 inches, and the #1 drill bit has a diameter of 0.2280 inches.

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(1) fraction – https://www.mathsisfun.com/fractions.html
(2) construction work – https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/construction-job-types

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