What Ah Means for a Battery (With Calculator)

AH is an important indicator for knowing how long a battery may supply power, but what exactly does it mean?

AH, (or Ah), which stands for Amp-Hours, indicates a battery’s capacity for storing electrical energy, i.e., how long it will likely run when fully charged. It is roughly calculated by the formula: watts x hours / 0.8 x volts.

This article explains what Ah means in detail.

The Meaning of Ah

Ah stands for ampere-hours (or amp-hours for short).

The Ah rating tells you how much current a battery can provide at a certain rate over one hour. Current is measured in amps, so Ah indicates total amperage for one hour when fully charged.

For example, if fully charged, a 100 Ah battery is designed to provide 100 amps of current for one hour.

How long the battery will last before recharging depends on how much current it draws. So, if the fully-charged 100 Ah battery provides power to something that operates at 25 amps, it should last around 4 hours. This assumes the conditions are ideal, but that’s how we would work out how long a battery will likely provide a charge.

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Ah Ratings

Different types of batteries use different scales of Ah ratings.

For example, a car battery is much larger than a small AA battery inserted in various devices. Car batteries will normally have Ah ratings, whereas the amp-hour ratings of small batteries are typically in mAh (milliamp hours).

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High vs. Low Ah Ratings

A high Ah rating might mean more power, but it isn’t necessarily true.

Generally, the higher the Ah rating, the longer you can expect the battery to provide power during a single charge.

However, the battery’s quality determines how long it can sustain a constant power or specific amperage before weakening. That’s why we have a C-rating to understand the battery’s expected performance better.

C Ratings

Another type of rating often used is the ‘C rating’ for deep-cycle and lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries have Ah values at various C ratings. The C-rate indicates a battery’s ability to provide continuous discharge. It shows how many amp-hours it can constantly provide for a specific period rather than the total run time.

Theoretically, a 1C battery rated at 1Ah would provide 1A continuous discharge for one hour. For example, a C/5 battery might provide around 26.8 amps over 5 hours before dropping off.

Common Ah Ratings

DC batteries for vehicles come in various Ah ratings.

A small one typically has a rating of 50-80Ah; a medium-sized one would be around 100-125Ah; and large ones are rated 150-200Ah or more.

When choosing a suitable-sized battery, it’s safer to size it up than undersize it. For example, if your calculations show that you need a 210Ah battery, go with a 225Ah or 250Ah one instead of an undersized 200Ah battery. Otherwise, you’ll risk the battery giving up too soon and running out of power, especially as it ages.

The Formula for Ah

Generally, you can use the electrical power formula P = IV to work out the required current when you know the power (in watts) and voltage (in volts).

Rearranging it gives you I = P / V. The formula for Ah is simply an extension of this that considers how long you use the battery and its efficiency. The formula is:

ampere-hours formula

If you’re unsure of the battery’s efficiency, it’s normal to take it at 0.8 unless it’s new, of good quality, and operating optimally.

Calculating Battery Capacity

Battery capacity (its Ah rating) is calculated by summing the individual ratings of the battery’s cells.

Other factors also give the overall Ah rating, representing the battery’s capacity.

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