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What Does 24ms Mean on a Battery? (Demystifying Specs)

You might’ve heard the term “24ms” floating around when discussing batteries. As someone who’s explored off-grid energy systems and backup power supplies, I can help you better understand what this means. 

Key Takeaways – The 24ms represents a lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. When discussing the 24MS, we’re discussing the Group 24 classification. This number is part of the Battery Council International (BCI) system, which groups batteries into different sizes and specs.

BCI system table

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what sets 24-ms batteries apart, their common applications, and why they’re a popular choice for so many people. Let’s get charged up(sorry :)) and dive in!

Group 24 Battery Specifications

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Let’s dive into what the 24MS on a battery means. We’ll break it down by Dimensions, Group Size, and Factors that impact its performance.


Now, the dimensions of a Group 24 battery can vary slightly between models, but they generally stay within a specific range.

Your typical Group 24 battery measures 10.5 inches in length, 6.1875 inches in width, and 8.875 inches in height.

Sometimes, you’ll see subgroups labeled 24F, 24H, 24R, and 24T with small variations in these measurements.

Remember these numbers when looking for a battery replacement to ensure it fits your vehicle perfectly.

You wouldn’t want to end up with a battery that’s too big or small for your ride!

Group Size

When discussing the 24MS, we’re discussing the Group 24 classification.

This number is part of the Battery Council International (BCI) system, which groups batteries into different sizes and specs.

BCI system sizes and specs table

Group 24 is a common size for automotive and marine batteries, making it versatile for many applications.


Now, let’s dive into some factors regarding Group 24 batteries. A crucial one is the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA).

For instance, the Interstate Batteries M-24MS has a CCA of 800. This rating tells you how capable the battery is of starting your engine in cold weather conditions.

Higher CCA means more power to crank up that engine!

Another essential factor is the Reserve Capacity (RC), which indicates how long the battery can deliver power without recharging. With an RC of 135 minutes, the M-24MS won’t let you down in a pinch.

Applications of 24ms Batteries

Now, let’s explore some of their most common applications!

Overview of Applications of 24ms Batteries

ApplicationHigh-capacity, corrosion-resistant terminalsExamplesAdvantages of 24ms Battery
Marine UseHigh-capacity, corrosion-resistant terminalsStarting boats, powering marine devicesThe 24ms battery has a deep cycle capability for repeated draining and recharging, which is common in marine applications. Its seal prevents spilling and corrosion, which is crucial in saltwater.
VehiclesReliable power source, adequate sizeCars, trucksThe 24ms battery offers high cranking amps for starting engines, even in cold weather. Its robust construction can withstand vehicle vibrations and shocks.
Backup Power SystemsReliability, long lifespanResidential and commercial backup power systemsThe 24ms battery has a low self-discharge rate and a long lifespan, making it ideal for backup power systems where reliable, extended power is essential.
Outdoor DevicesDurable design, efficient electrolyte compositionElectric fences, solar panels, portable appliancesThe 24ms battery is resistant to extreme weather conditions and can maintain a consistent power output, even under high-drain conditions. Its efficient electrolyte composition enables longer usage between charges.

Vehicle and Marine Usage

a fishing boat dock at the concrete shore

24ms batteries are a fantastic choice for both vehicles and marine purposes.

a beautiful sunset backdrop of a running vehicle

Cars, trucks, and boats need a reliable power source, and the 24ms marine batteries deliver.

Their liquid electrolyte configuration and extra-thick heavy-duty plates boost their performance, making them perfect for marine use.

When powering boats, these batteries’ corrosion-resistant terminals quickly connect to marine accessories.

They’re practically tailor-made for life on the water, and I’ve personally reaped the benefits of using them in my boat.

Backup Power Systems

Let me tell you about an essential aspect – backup power systems. When the power goes out, these 24ms batteries kick in and save the day.

They’re a popular choice in backup power systems for residential and commercial spaces because of their reliability.

With a 24ms battery, you can count on your devices running smoothly without hiccups.

So, if you ever find yourself in a power outage, thank your 24ms battery for keeping things running!

Outdoor Devices

As someone who enjoys the outdoors, I’ve got to share the incredible use of 24ms batteries for outdoor devices.

These batteries are perfect for powering outdoor devices like electric fences, solar panels, and portable appliances.

Their durable design and efficient electrolyte composition make them a reliable energy source for your adventures.

So, the next time you plan an outdoor event or activity, remember that a 24ms battery will be your best friend!

Understanding 24ms on a Battery

The 24ms on a battery is a group size commonly found on marine batteries, like the EverStart Marine Battery.

It determines a battery’s physical size, performance, and compatibility for various applications.

Battery Capacity and Power

When it comes to understanding batteries, capacity is key. It refers to the energy a battery can store and deliver when discharged.

Marine batteries, like the 24ms, may have a high capacity to provide a powerful kick when starting boats or properly run other marine electrical devices.

You’ll likely see something called “Marine Cranking Amps” on the label, which tells you the short-burst power a battery can deliver.


You might ask yourself, “What does voltage have to do with 24-ms batteries?”

In simple terms, voltage is like the pressure pushing electrical power through a circuit. For a 24-ms battery, we’re typically talking about a 12-volt system, which is standard in many applications, including marine and automotive.


a voltmeter at the palm of a man's left hand while testing the car battery
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Electrical current is the flow of electrons through a circuit, an essential aspect of battery performance.

Batteries like the Interstate M-24MS can provide up to 800 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA).

The CCA rating defines a battery’s ability to provide a cranking current and start your engine.

A higher CCA rating can significantly affect performance in cold or high-demand situations.

Maintaining a 24ms Battery

Low Maintenance Requirements

You know what? 24ms batteries are pretty awesome, and I’ll tell you why. One of their biggest advantages is their low maintenance requirements!

That’s right, folks, these bad boys don’t need much attention to keep them running smoothly.

No need for constant checkups or any of that nonsense. Just occasional topping off of the electrolyte levels when needed, and you’re good to go. Now that’s what I call user-friendly!

Monitoring Lifespan

Now let’s talk about lifespan. We all want our batteries to last as long as possible, right?

Well, with Group 24 batteries like the 24ms, we have a pretty decent lifespan. Remember that the lifespan will depend on factors like your battery sizeload, and how you use it.

One thing that sets the 24ms battery apart is its primary function as a cranking battery. These batteries deliver much power quickly – think of starting an engine.

But don’t worry; they’ve also got the stamina for the long haul. For example, they can provide steady power for a trolling motor while you’re out on the water.

As for monitoring their lifespan, your best bet is to watch for any signs of decreased performance, like not starting your engine as quickly as it used to.

And always remember, folks, nothing lasts forever, so be prepared for the inevitable day when you’ll need to replace that trusty 24ms battery of yours.

There you have it, my friends! Taking care of a 24ms battery is a breeze, with low maintenance needs and a reliable lifespan to keep you powered up for ages.

So enjoy the convenience and performance of your 24ms battery and happy motoring!




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