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What Batteries are Compatible with Hart Tools? (Quick Guide)

Hart Tools are compatible with two main battery lines: the 20V and 40V series. Any Hart 20V battery is compatible with all Hart 20V tools; the same rule applies to the 40V series. Lithium-Ion is the preferred battery type for Hart tools, offering high-quality power, lightweight design, and long-lasting charge.

Now that we have gone through the basics, let’s dive into the details and answer all those burning questions.

Battery Compatibility Basics

As you know, HART offers two main battery lines: the 20V and 40V series. It is important to use the right battery for your HART tools to ensure they perform optimally.

For the 20V series, you’ll be happy to know that any HART 20V battery will work with all their 20V tools.

That means if you’ve got a HART drill or sander that uses a 20V battery, you can swap them out without hassle!

The same rule applies to the 40V series: any HART 40V battery can be used interchangeably with their 40V tools.

Remember, the runtime might be shorter if you use a low-capacity battery with a power-hungry tool like a lawn mower.

Popular Compatible Hart Tool Batteries

Hart 20V Lithium-Ion Battery

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First, we have the Hart 20V Lithium-Ion Battery, which is super versatile. This battery powers Hart’s DIY-focused power tools, from the cordless trim router to the brushless hammer drill.

This battery pack is the go-to power source for most Hart tools. 20V battery system is not just limited to power tools, though. You can also find some cordless vacuum cleaners that work with these 20V babies.

Plus, the batteries are lightweight and charge quickly, making them ideal for all your DIY needs.

Hart 20V Battery Tools Compatibility

Hart 20V ToolsCompatible with 20V Battery
Cordless trim routerYes
Brushless hammer drillYes
Cordless vacuum cleanerYes
Circular sawYes
Hammer DrillYes
Impact DriverYes
Reciprocating SawYes
Leaf BlowerYes
String TrimmerYes

Hart 40V Lithium-Ion Battery

Now let’s talk about the big brother – the Hart 40V Lithium-Ion Battery. This higher voltage battery powers Hart’s 40V series of tools, designed for more heavy-duty tasks like landscaping.

And as mentioned, these 40V batteries are also interchangeable between tools in the series.

For instance, after cutting some trees using a Hart 40V chainsaw, you can slap it onto a Hart 40V lawnmower to trim your lawn. It’s a convenience at its finest!

Hart 40V Battery Tools Compatibility

Hart 40V ToolsCompatible with 40V Battery
Hedge TrimmerYes
String TrimmerYes
Leaf BlowerYes
Snow BlowerYes

So, these are the two popular Hart tool batteries that have got your back, powering your essential tools.

Key Note to Remember:

  • The 20V for DIY-focused tools
  • The 40V battery is for more demanding tasks.

And with HART being a brand-specific system, unfortunately, their batteries aren’t compatible with other brands, like Ryobi, Worx, or Black and Decker.

So, it’s best to stick with HART batteries for your HART tools to avoid any issues.

Battery Voltage and Capacity

We also have voltage, capacity, and battery release dates regarding compatibility.

Voltage Levels

In general, Hart tool batteries stick to their voltage family tree.

  • The 20V battery lineup is incredibly versatile. It works seamlessly with cordless power tools and the 20V lawn care line. Yep, just one battery type for dozens of tools around your home!
  • The 40V battery powers Hart’s high-performance products, like the SuperCharge lineup. So, if you want to tackle a bigger lawn or get some serious power in your tools, this is the way to go. Like the 20V battery, you can swap the 40V battery between the compatible Hart Tools.

As such, if you’ve got a 20V Hart tool, grab a 20V battery, and you’re good to go. The same goes for 40V tools and batteries.

But remember, don’t mix voltages – using a 40V battery in a 20V tool is a big no-no.

Amp-Hour Ratings

Regarding amp-hour ratings, HART tools offer a bit more flexibility. You can find batteries in 2.0Ah, 4.0Ah, and even 5.0Ah capacities.

Now, the capacity only determines how long your tool runs before it needs recharging.

Let’s say your tool came with a 20V, 4.0Ah battery, but you want to go lighter or need extra juice. No problem! If the voltage is the same, you can easily swap the voltage for a 2.0Ah or 5.0Ah pack.

Remember, getting the right combo of voltage and Amp-hour (Ah) ratings help you get the most out of your HART tools.

Battery Release Date

When we’re talking release dates, newer isn’t always better – at least when it comes to batteries!

Some older tools might not be compatible with the latest Hart batteries. So before you go grabbin’ that shiny new battery pack, just make sure it’s gonna play nice with your trusty tool.




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