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How to Use an Everstart Maxx Battery Charger (Power Guide)

An EverStart Maxx battery charger can restore life to your battery as long as its cells are undamaged and it can be charged.

It can recharge various batteries, including car and motorcycle batteries, boating and recreational vehicle batteries, farm equipment, etc. However, EverStart battery chargers are no longer being manufactured, so you may have to look for a used one.

If you have one, here’s how to charge a battery using it:

  1. Choose your method: Opt for automatic or manual charging with the versatile EverStart Maxx charger.
  2. Cable connection: Attach red cable to the positive terminal, and black cable to the engine metal.
  3. Adjust settings: Match voltage and select desired amperage (2A recommended).
  4. Start charging: Press the ‘Charge’ button to begin; the charger automatically switches to ‘Maintenance’ mode when done.

In the manual method, you don’t set the amperage but monitor it until it slowly reaches zero.

Charging with an EverStart Maxx Battery Charger

You can charge a battery using an EverStart Maxx battery charger in either automatic or manual charging.

Before you start charging, ensure that the battery is the right type. It must be rechargeable. Then, get to know how the EverStart Maxx battery charger works. Here’s an extract from the EverStart Maxx User Guide, so you can know what functions are available, understand the display screen, and recognize the icons:

EverStart Maxx Quick Start Guide
EverStart Maxx Quick Start Guide (BC50BE)

Some maintenance-free batteries are sealed. They don’t provide a way to refill the battery with water, and they cannot be recharged. They must be replaced instead.

Automatic Battery Charging

using an EverStart battery charger
Using an Everstart battery charger

The first charging option using an EverStart Maxx charger is to make it charge the battery automatically.

You can let the charger take care of everything once connected. Follow the eight steps below.

Step 1: Detach the Cables

First, detach the black (negative) cable from the battery’s terminal marked with a minus sign (-).

Use a spanner or wrench. Then, detach the red cable from the other positive terminal marked with a plus sign (+).

detaching the negative cable from the battery
detaching the positive cable from the battery

Video | Howcast

Step 2: Remove the Battery Caps

Next, remove the caps from the battery’s cells.

Check the electrolyte levels. If they are low, add some distilled water. Don’t fill the cells to the brim. The water should only reach as far as the bottom of the plastic opening where you insert the caps.

Replace the caps after you’ve done this.

checking fluid level in the battery
Video | mahalodotcom

Step 3: Place the Battery Charger

Place the EverStart Maxx battery charger a little distance away from the battery.

The charger cables from the charger should be almost stretched out straight rather than curled.

Step 5: Attach the Charger Cables

Attach the EverStart Maxx charger’s red cable to the battery’s positive terminal and its black cable to a metallic part of the vehicle’s engine.

Don’t attach the latter (black cable) to any other metallic part of the vehicle, such as the chassis, carburetor, or fuel line.

Step 4: Plug in the Battery Charger

You can now plug in the EverStart Maxx battery charger but don’t turn it on.

Step 6: Adjust Settings

Adjust the amperage and voltage settings on the EverStart Maxx charger per your requirements.

The settings should match the battery being charged. Normally, it’s a 12-volt battery, so select 12 volts.

For amperage, strike the right balance between a too-low value, which will take longer to charge the battery, and a too-high value, which can cause high current and temperature while charging. Generally, a 2-amp setting is good for a 12-volt battery. It will “trickle charge” it, which is a safe and effective method. It will also prolong the battery’s life.

But go for a little higher value if you want the battery charged quicker. Ensure adequate ventilation around the battery, too.

Once you press the EverStart Maxx battery charger button, it will start to charge the battery.

Step 7: Turn Off and Unplug

battery indicates it's charging
Video | Wolf Pack Vii

The EverStart Maxx charger should automatically quit charging once the battery has been fully charged.

When done, remove the charger cables from the battery. Be careful not to let the two cables with opposite polarity touch each other. Remember to turn the EverStart Maxx charger off and unplug it after use.

Step 8: Reattach the Battery

If you charged a vehicle battery, reattach the negative cable to the battery’s negative terminal first and then the positive cable to the battery’s positive terminal.

Also, use a spanner or wrench to ensure the nuts are tight.

Manual Battery Charging

The second charging option using an EverStart Maxx charger is to use it to charge the battery manually.

This method gives greater control over the charging procedure. Follow the seven steps below.

Step 1: Apply the First Six Steps

Apply the first six steps in the automatic charging method above.

That is, go from detaching the cables from the battery to adjusting the voltage setting on the EverStart Maxx charger (not the amperage).

Step 2: Turn Charger On

Turn the charger on.

Step 3: Monitor the Amps

Monitor the amps on the EverStart Maxx battery charger.

Pay attention to the dial. The amperage should slowly return to zero (“0”) while the battery is charging. Unplug the charger when it reaches zero.

If the amperage shows zero at the start, there are dead cells, and the battery must be replaced.


How long can I leave the EverStart Maxx battery charger connected?

Although you can leave the charger connected indefinitely in maintenance mode, it is better to disconnect it while it is not in use. If you won’t use your vehicle for a long time, disconnect the battery and store it in a cool, dry place instead.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

This depends on the battery’s charge and condition. A fully discharged battery may take 6-8 hours to get fully charged. A partially discharged one will take less time.

How will I know when the battery is fully charged?

The EverStart Maxx battery charger automatically switches to maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged. The screen will display “Maintaining.” It maintains the battery at its current charge in this mode until disconnected.


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