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How to Bypass the Electric Meter (7 Methods)

In this article, I will show you seven electric meter bypass methods.

The methods we will list can help alter the readings or avoid the electric meter reading of electricity consumption. This is purely an informational article; we hope you will learn something from it but not use these techniques for illicit purposes.

There are seven ways you can bypass the electric meter without being noticed.

  • Bypassing the electric meter connection
  • Direct line linking
  • Reversing the meter counter
  • Changing the current direction
  • Tapping wires
  • Using magnets 
  • Clinging meter screws

Let’s get started.

What You Will Need to Bypass the Electric Meter

To hack the electric system, you need to have the following tools with you;

  • AC adaptor
  • Electrical tape
  • Plastic wraps
  • Plastic cups
  • A knife
  • A speaker wire
  • 2 magnets

Method 1: Bypassing the Electric Meter Connection

This is the most common method to bypass the electric meter in homes and institutions.

  • Every household usually has a primary power line connection sourced from the electrical pole at 220 volts.
  • The voltage is so high for domestic use. Therefore, a transformer is used to reduce the voltage to 120 volts.
  • Once the power voltage has been cut down, the power line is usually connected to the electric meter to distribute into the house.
  • You can bypass this by connecting your wires to the meter panel board.
  • Once the electric meter has been bypassed, it won’t be able to count the electricity units consumed in your house.

Since the electric meter can’t read the units consumed, your electricity bill will drop.

Method 2: Direct Line Linking

This method is very dangerous, and you need to be cautious.

Direct linking taps power directly from the main power line. You must link your cable to the line way ahead of the electric meter. Your power consumption will not be tracked. To link directly, you can either use switches or link without the switches.

Method 3: Reversing the Meter Counter

As the name suggests, the method entails reversing the meter reading in your favor. Many people use this method because it is easier and does not have a lot of complications and risks to take.

  • Open the electric meter.
  • Change the meter counter as you would like it to read.
  • Wrap the meter using plastic wrap.

The result will be an altered reading on your electric meter and no one will notice it. 

Method 4: Changing the Electric Meter Direction

You can also bypass the electric meter by simply changing the direction of the electricity meter.

Most of the electric meters are positioned in a straight direction on the wall. This is meant to allow the disk to rotate evenly. The spinning disc shows the amount of energy that is being used at the moment. Changing the direction of the electric meter to an opposite direction disrupts the movement of the disk until it stops rotating.

Once the disk has stopped spinning, the amount of power used will not be recorded. 

Method 5: Tapping Wires

This is an easy method to bypass your electric meter. All you need to know is how to disconnect the neutral wire and reconnect it in a different place.

The electric meter has two wires; black and red. The red wire has the power load while the black wire indicates the neutral on the panel board. The spinning electric meter disk requires both wires to be connected to the panel board so that it can move freely.

  • Locate where the two wires are (red and black).
  • Remove the black wire from the electric meter.
  • Use electric tape to tape the top surface of the neutral wire.
  • The knife should be used to cut the tapes
  • Swap the two wires. The red wire should be where the black wire was and the black wire placed in the position of the red wire.
  • Insert the neutral wire in a different location apart from the electric meter circuit after tapping it.

Since the neutral wire is not directly connected to the circuit, power will flow through the electromechanical panel board. The meter disk will not rotate freely due to the disconnection of the neutral wire.

Method 6: Using Magnets

Here, the magnets are used to slow down the rotation of the disk in the electric meter. This is how you go about it;

  • Open your electric meter,
  • Take the magnet and place it on top of the rotating disk.
  • The disk will slow down in movement as it is obstructed.

Once the disk is slowed down, it will show that you are using less power than the actual power consumed.

Method 7: Clinging Meter Screws

The last method that you can use to bypass your electric meter is by clinging to the meter screws.

The metering screw is clung to the rotating disk thereby reducing its rotation speed. If the rotating disk is slow, the electricity consumption will be reduced giving you an advantage. The final reading of the meter will indicate less consumption hence cutting down your electricity bill.

multicolored electronic part

The above methods are for informational purposes. They are easy to apply and anyone can use them at home. Dealing with electric appliances and electricity is dangerous and you need to take a lot of caution. It is also important to note that bypassing your electric meter is illegal and you can be prosecuted for it. 

Caution: This article is purely for your knowledge. We do not support the bypassing of the electric meter.

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