Mod-ified Gingham

By definition, gingham is a small check. I’m looking for a big, bright, bold buffalo check. Big, as in 3″ or 4″ checks. That’s a worthwhile chunk of check.

You could see what I see if I could find the friendly, giant check in purple, orange, lime, kelly green, or turquoise fabric yardage. As it is, all I can post are mostly red and white buffalo-checked furnishings.

But think about it: a low-slung, oval ottoman upholstered with a big, bold, bright 3″ orange and white buffalo check in front of a gray wool sofa. That’s not where gingham usually plays, and that’s what makes it so irresistible. Unexpected and yummy! (Here’s a hint of what I’m talking about.)

Old, overworked, overused, bland, and predictable checks need to make room for their city cousin – vibrant, high-contrast buffalo checks. And they have to be paired up with pared-down furnishings to stand out. This may knock the old folks clean off their Cracker Barrel rockers.

Supposedly, this is a Schumacher buffalo check in lavender, but I have yet to find it anywhere. Think opposite. Instead of the sweet little canopy bed, how about using it to upholster a low, wide headboard, flipping the check on the diagonal, and putting it up against a dark brown or black accent wall? Add in some green or orange on a pillow for a little bit of necessary friction.

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PhotoImage: TheDesignersAttic.blogspot.com

Schumacher hints at brightness with its Camden Check series, though it is not nearly big or bright enough. Their version of orange is ‘pumpkin,’ and their lime green is ‘pear.’ There’s no Wow Factor in their overly safe muted 1 1/2″ check.

Big, bright checks will make their way into naysayers’ decor if they hit the ground running in a high contrast setup, no black and tans, and let the vibrant color bounce off white or ivory. The new spin on an old, safe, traditional fabric will transform it into a colorful, graphic punch in a subdued, modern space.

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