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How to Wire an Electric Pool Heater (Basics, Steps, Safety)

An electric pool heater is a great solution to make your pool accessible in all seasons.

Wiring one is straightforward, but properly is essential, particularly for safety reasons. I’ll show you how to do it quickly and safely.

Quick Summary: To wire an electric pool heater:

  • Install a GFCI outlet with a waterproof cover about 25 feet from the pool.
  • Connect the three (hot, neutral, and ground) wires to their respective terminals in the heater.
  • Install a dedicated circuit breaker appropriate for the heater and connect the hot wire directly to the breaker and the neutral and ground ones to their respective terminals.
  • Test the heater before using it.

I’ve also added some recommendations for buying and installing the electric pool heater and given a few tips for maintaining it well.

Electric Pool Heaters

An electric pool heater
An electric pool heater

An electric pool heater is a great solution to make your pool accessible through all seasons. It will keep the water at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather.

An efficient electric pool can heat the pool quickly without consuming too much electricity, and some models can also cool the water.

Wiring an Electric Pool Heater

You will need the following items:

  • Electrical outlet (waterproof)
  • Circuit breaker
  • Electrical wire
  • Wire connectors
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill machine (for installing the outlet)

Step 1: Install an Outlet

You must have an electric outlet near the pool to wire an electric pool heater.

So, arrange one before wiring the electric pool heater if you don’t already have one.

I recommend installing a GFCI outlet with a waterproof (or weatherproof) cover about 25 feet from the pool. Ensure it is attached securely to the wall near the electric pool heater.

Step 2: Connect the Wires

Remove the electric pool heater’s cover and locate the connection box, usually near the bottom.

You will see 3 wires coming into the connection box through the attached conduit. Connect them to their corresponding terminals as follows using wire connectors:

  • Connect the neutral wire to the neutral terminal.
  • Connect the hot wire to the hot terminal.
  • Connect the ground wire to the ground terminal.

A person connecting wires into the correct terminals

Ensure all the wires are connected securely before closing the cover.

Step 3: Install the Circuit Breaker

You must install a dedicated circuit breaker for the electric pool heater.

Exactly what amperage rating you need depends on your particular electric pool heater’s power requirements. Check the label or the manual that came with it for this information.

Turn the power off at the panel before installing the circuit breaker.

You can only install a new circuit breaker if you have a spare slot for one in the main panel.

Connect the hot wire directly to the breaker. Then, connect the neutral and ground wires to their respective bus bars.

DON’T turn the circuit breaker on just yet.

Step 3: Test the Heater

Test the heater before using it to ensure the wiring was done properly.

Check the electric pool water’s temperature using a thermometer before proceeding.

Now, turn the circuit breaker and electric pool heater on. Wait a few minutes for the heater to warm up. Check the manual for how long to expect. Recheck the pool water’s temperature to see if it changed.

The electric pool heater should heat the water to the expected temperature within the stated time.

  • If the temperature is as expected, it’s working fine.
  • If the temperature rises significantly but not quite to the expected temperature, wait a bit longer as it’s operating the first time.
  • If you notice only a small change in the temperature, there might be an issue with the heater’s thermostat or heating element.
  • If you don’t notice any change, ensure the heater is powered on and recheck the wiring; otherwise, the heater, wiring, or plumbing might be faulty.

Recommendations for Buying and Installing the Electric Pool Heater

Here are some recommendations for buying and installing the electric pool heater:

  • Buy an electric pool heater that suits your swimming pool’s size and meets your local electrical code requirements.
  • Use good quality PVC piping and electrical conduit to keep the water and wires safe.
  • Install the electric pool heater approximately 25 feet away from the pool. Installing it any closer may be unsafe for the wiring, and any further away may cause too much heat loss in the pipes.
  • Leave approximately 24” of clearance around the electric pool heater, i.e., there should be no obstructions around it.
  • Install a dedicated circuit breaker – see Step 2 above.
  • Use Teflon or other waterproof tape to seal the connections on the pipes.

Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Pool Heater

Maintain the electric pool heater regularly by:

  • Cleaning its filter;
  • Checking the pool water’s chemistry;
  • Inspect the electrical and plumbing connections for any wear or damage.

Routinely maintain your electric pool heater well to ensure you can enjoy the warm water all year round.


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