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How Long Do Duracell Batteries Last? (Types & Table)

Most of the industry knows that Duracell batteries last longer than other brands. You may have bought them for this reason. Fair enough, but how much time can you expect from using a Duracell battery?

How long a Duracell battery lasts depends on the device it’s being used in and how often and for how long it’s used, as with any other battery. In storage, it can last up to 10-12 years; but in use, it can last around 100 hours in low-power devices. For example, Duracell’s:

  • Standard Coppertop alkaline battery can power a clock for up to 2 years. Medium-drain devices may last up to one year, and high-drain devices might only last some months, depending on usage.
  • 2,450 mAh rechargeable battery will last 24.5 hours if used in a 100 mA-consuming device that runs continuously. It may allow up to 550 photos if it’s a digital camera.
  • Optimum batteries are designed to last up to 40% longer, but you might find they don’t last quite that long.

Compared to other brands, Duracell batteries generally last longer. A comparison test revealed the Coppertop and Optimum were only outperformed by the Energizer Max.

Examples of How Long They Last

The lifespan can vary widely based on the device and its use, but this table can give you some general user benchmarks.

Battery TypeSizeLifespan in Use
Duracell Coppertop AlkalineAA, AAA, C, D, and 9VAround 100 hours for low-power devices, up to 2 years for clocks
Duracell 2,450 mAh RechargeableAA, AAA24.5 hours for a 100 mA-consuming device
Duracell Optimum AlkalineAA, AAAUp to 40% longer than standard, outperformed by Energizer Lithium
Duracell Quantum AlkalineAA, AAA“The batteries are used to power metal detecting and GPS equipment – and normally I get in several 4-6 hour outings
Duracell Ultra LithiumCR2, 123, 223, 245, and CRV3“with portable lightings, such as torches, for every one hour of light delivered by zinc batteries, Duracell Ultra Power gives you over five hours
Duracell Procell AlkalineAA, AAA, C, D, and 9V“Not mentioned,” I say lasted about 2 weeks. And trust me, and they got used a lot”
Duracell Specialty Batteries“Not mentioned” with portable lightings, such as torches, for every one hour of light delivered by zinc batteries, Duracell Ultra Power gives you over five hoursNot mentioned

Longevity of Duracell Batteries

How Long Duracell’s Alkaline Batteries Last

Duracell’s well-known (Coppertop) alkaline batteries can last 10-12 years when unused.

It’s their expected shelf-life for storage. Duracell guarantees that its Coppertop AA and AAA batteries can last 12 years in storage. It compares to around 5-7 years for other brands in general, although quality alkaline batteries from other reputable brands can potentially last up to 10 years.

Research shows that Duracell AA batteries can last around 100 hours if used in devices such as flashlights and small toys.

If used in digital cameras, their “Recharge Ultra” batteries can usually allow for taking up to 550 photos.

How Long Duracell’s Rechargeable Batteries Last

hand holding a duracell AA rechargeable 2450mAh battery
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Duracell’s rechargeable batteries are NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries.

They provide roughly 700-1000 lifecycles of charge per battery, around 2-3 years. They also have a shorter shelf-life and slightly lower cell voltage around the same period. Still, they are more cost-effective overall compared to single-use batteries.

But, apart from their ability to be recharged and reused, they are also more reliable, as they are less likely to leak. However, they self-discharge about 0.5-4% daily, requiring frequent charging. Still, they are ideal for low-power devices.

The Duracell rechargeable battery shown in the picture above is rated at 2,450 mAH. It can last over 24 hours (24.5) if used continuously in a device operating at 100 mAH.

How Long Duracell’s Optimum Batteries Last

Duracell’s Optimum batteries contain four times the “Power Boost” ingredients in its standard Coppertop batteries.

Duracell claims it is its “#1 best performing alkaline battery”. This should last 40% longer than the standard variant, making it ideal for high-drain devices like digital cameras.

However, independent tests suggest it only has marginally increased longevity compared to its standard alkaline batteries, and it is outperformed by the Energizer Lithium battery, which lasts even longer (approx 8x more than standard alkaline).

duracell AA optimum battery

How Long Do Other Duracell Batteries Last

Duracell’s specialty batteries are also generally reliable. They last almost as long as the standard Duracell batteries.

Duracell’s coin and button cells are specially designed for devices that require even longer-lasting power. They are available in a range of sizes to suit different requirements.

Newer additions to Duracell’s range of batteries have a cathode system capable of delivering extra life when used in certain devices.

The Secret of Longevity

The durability of Duracell batteries is a result of the company’s intensive research.

The patented “Power Boost” ingredients help the normal alkaline content to work more efficiently and provide power over a longer period.

How Long Duracell Batteries Last Compared to Other Brands

I compared some 1.5V AA alkaline batteries from different brands to show you how Duracell compares.

I purchased the batteries fresh from a retailer. The low-drain test involved a low-intensity flashlight, drawing 100mA of current. See the results in the chart below.

table comparison of Duracell batteries with others in a low-drain test
Comparison of Duracell batteries with others in a low-drain test

Although Duracell compares well with most other brands, lasting longer than them, Energizer Max outperformed both Duracell Coppertop and Optimum. The Coppertop lasted 25.3 hours, Optimum 28.0 hours, while the Energizer Max lasted a little longer at 28.2 hours.

Factors that Affect the Life of Batteries

The lifespans of different Duracell batteries stated above depend on normal conditions.

The lifespans of batteries, in general, depend on various factors, particularly power consumption, battery type, temperature, and age.

Factor 1: Power Consumption

Power consumption makes a significant difference in how long any battery will last.

As you would expect, the higher the consumption, the quicker it will discharge, and the lower the consumption, the longer it will take to discharge completely.

This depends on the device using the battery. For example, a radio or flashlight will consume more power than a digital watch.

Factor 2: Battery Type

Li-ion (Lithium-Ion) batteries last much longer than NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries, which have more limited charge cycles. So, Li-ion ones can be recharged several times and last much longer than the other types.

Factor 3: Temperature

All batteries generally last longer in milder climates and cool temperatures than in warmer climates or places with higher ambient temperatures. Otherwise, both ends of extreme temperatures drain a battery quickly.

Factor 4: Age

Note the production date when buying a battery because one that is early in its shelf-life period will be able to hold a charge better than one nearing the end of its shelf-life.

Making a Duracell Battery Last Longer

Although a Duracell battery lasts long, you can make it last a little longer now that you know what factors affect battery life.

Keeping the above factors in mind, this means:

  • She minimizes power consumption, such as keeping the device off when unused.
  • You are buying the standard high-quality Duracell batteries according to your needs.
  • Using the Duracell batteries in cool and dry conditions and protecting them from exposure to heat and humidity.
  • They are buying new Duracell batteries instead of ones getting close to the end of their shelf-life.

In addition:

  • Use the batteries regularly, rather than storing them for long.
  • Use the resealable storage trays that come with Duracell’s Optimum batteries.

Duracell and Its Batteries

Types of Duracell Batteries

Duracell makes batteries in various sizes and forms.

The alkaline batteries suit various devices, including flashlights, toys, remote controls, and game controllers. They are available in different form factors, including AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V. It also makes rechargeable batteries.

Duracell also makes chargers for its batteries. As you know, they can allow reusing the same batteries multiple times after recharging, so they help to extend how long Duracell batteries last.

They are designed to charge either 2 or 4 batteries and give 3 indicators: charging, fully charged, and charging error. Some can recharge quickly within 15 minutes.

hand holding a AA Battery charger
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A Brief History

Duracell was founded in 1964 in the USA.

But it evolved from its predecessor company, PR Mallory, founded in the 1920s and introduced the first mercury battery in 1944. This led to Duracell creating an alkaline battery for which it is mostly known, although it also creates other types of batteries, including lead-acid batteries.

Berkshire Hathaway owns Duracell after acquiring it from Proctor & Gamble by selling its shares, which was completed by February 2015.

The company has become one of the world’s leaders in high-performance alkaline batteries. You might be interested to know that Duracell batteries were so popular that they had to be rationed in the 1970s when their supply caught up with demand. [Haig, 2006]


Duracell became a leading supplier of its batteries due to heavy marketing, quality production, and brand reputation.

Its recent advertising uses a Duracell bunny to symbolize greater durability and longevity over normal rabbits powered by other batteries.


Are Duracell batteries durable?

Yes, Duracell batteries are very durable as compared to other brands generally.

Which type of Duracell alkaline batteries are suitable for which devices?

duracell table

Duracell’s website lists the following examples of devices in which its Coppertop and Optimum alkaline batteries may be used.

How should you dispose of Duracell batteries?

duracell batteries in a controller

Duracell batteries can be recycled. Take them to your local recycling center.


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