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Power Probe CAT-IV Digital Multimeter

Power Probe Multimeter Review

The new Power Probe digital multimeter (PPDMM), is a fourth-generation multimeter from Power Probe. Based out of California, Power Probe is a name to contend within the digital multimeter (DMM) segment of automotive diagnostics, and in the testing of electronic circuits of automotive components. Reviews from customers and users of the new Power Probe multimeter, …

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Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-functional Digital Multimeter

Mastech Multimeter Review

Mastech MS8229: Without a doubt a versatile and easy to use tool. Automatic and manual range Backlit 4000 count display Safety type CAT-III and CAT-II Today there is a large number of multimeters that can offer different functionalities and results. This is why it is not usually easy to find the perfect option. To avoid …

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Harbor Freight Multimeter

Harbor Freight Multimeter Review

Harbor Freight’s awesome multimeters are packed with numerous unique features. Electricians and Electrical Engineers employ the use of several tools and devices while executing their tasks. However, the multimeter for decades now has proven to be an invaluable device, especially in these fields. Multimeters are the ideal instruments for reading the values of voltage, resistance, …

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Extech Multimeters - EX330 and EX505

Extech Multimeter Review

One of the most popular and sought-after multimeters are those curated by Extech. Extraordinary Extech multimeters, packed with numerous features: Digital readings for better comprehension on screen Sturdy, and lightweight design Come with high-quality test leads  Extech are not only super cost-efficient, but their durability and reliability are incomparable. Some models such as the Extech EX330, …

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ames multimeter

Ames Multimeter Review

Ames Multimeter Review Ames Instruments DM1000 Digital Multimeter When safety is paramount, Ames DM1000 is the way to go: True RMS responding CAT III/CAT IV safety rating Non-contact voltage measurement If you ask an electrician or an HVAC technician what part of their body is the most helpful to them, they will probably mention the …

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