Mastech Multimeter Review

Mastech MS8229: Without a doubt a versatile and easy to use tool.

  • Automatic and manual range
  • Backlit 4000 count display
  • Safety type CAT-III and CAT-II

Today there is a large number of multimeters that can offer different functionalities and results. This is why it is not usually easy to find the perfect option. To avoid making a bad decision, here we analyze the Mastech MS 8229 model.

Here it is possible to get a set of features and additional functions that can make an electrician’s job easier. This is also one of the best choices for people who want to do electronics or simply repairs in the home. So it is a very easy to use and very convenient tool.

  • Tests up to 10 amps
  • Measures microamps to milliamps
  • Efficient data retention
Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter
  • Dmm + Lux meter + humidity meter + sound level meter + thermometer
  • 20%-95% RH 40-100 dB 40000 Lux -4-1832f 0-200 kHz 0-100 UF
  • LED/sound warning shows you where to plug the test leads
  • Built-in temperature & humidity sensors show you the environmental temperature and humidity
  • Blue LED back-lit LCD display

Is Mastech a Good Brand?

For electrical professionals, they need one of the best multimeters and there are a lot of companies that offers this. Among them all, there is the brand China Mastech that can offer excellent results and functionalities. In particular, this brand has some efficient models like MS8229.

Among the best features, we can mention a sound and light moisture sensor. It is also one of the most resistant units so it is a tool with an extended life span. Also, the displays of the model MS8229 are more suitable for easy reading. That’s why you also get a continuity response time and a highly efficient automatic range.

Why Mastech?

As we have mentioned, Mastech is one of the best brands of multimeters that are for sale in the market today. In particular, here it is possible to obtain an appropriate amount of functionalities and advantages concerning an accessible cost. Model MS8229 is one of the most popular multimeters.

You have an automatic and manual range option in combination with a backlit display for easy viewing. Also, warning lights can provide excellent outlet use. For example, you can measure temperature, humidity, light, and sound.

In other words, it’s one of the most versatile tools available on the market. On top of that, this tool also allows you to measure microamps to milliamps over a wide range. This Mastech multimeter can be adapted to a large number of electronic circuits.

About the construction, there is a high level of resistance to the structure of this product. There are a lot of products from China that do not offer good results in this respect.

Additionally, another advantage that can be obtained with this model is the high level of precision in each of the measurements. This unit is very popular among professional users and also for beginners. A lot of tasks will be much easier with this product. 

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How Do You Use a Mastech Multimeter?

Here you can use this multimeter to obtain measurements in voltages. As mentioned above you should start with the red and black probe of the multimeter. Specifically, the red probe should go in the positive terminal of an electrical circuit while the black probe should go in the negative terminal. In turn, you must select the voltage measurement on your multimeter. (1)

On the other hand, to measure resistance, you must perform the same procedure. Here the difference is that you must select a certain amount of ohms on your Mastech multimeter. After that, you place the red and black probe at each end of the circuit. Here you shouldn’t have any problems if you take the right steps.

It is also important to note that you will have the ability to measure decibels as well as amps. This is one of the most versatile products you can find today.

How Do You Check a Multimeter for Accuracy?

Here it is important to note that this tool is intended to measure a large number of electrical circuits. So you should be able to measure both the voltage and the resistance of an electrical circuit regardless of the type of multimeter. In doing so there can be several factors that affect the performance of a multimeter.

However, it is not necessary to buy another tool as you can perform some tests here. This way, you can know if a multimeter needs to be replaced or simply configured.

A multimeter should be set at the lowest resistance level, to begin with. To do this you must set the multimeter part with the word ohms. Here you must touch the red probe using the black probe. You must display the screen to be able to check that the value is 0. In simple words, there should not be any resistance between the same probes of the multimeter here.

Once you have done this, you can use some kind of electrical circuit to check the resistance. Here when the resistance to be displayed is close to the electrical circuit, then the operation will be correct.

On the other hand, you should also consider getting a new 9-volt battery for your multimeter. When doing this you should choose the option to measure the voltage and not the resistance. Use both the red probe and the black probe for the positive and negative terminal respectively of the battery. By doing this your multimeter reading should be around 9 volts.

Wrapping Up

In these times, there are a lot of multimeters of different brands and different qualities. However, the Mastech model MS8229 can provide a wide range of functionality along with other benefits.

In other words, it is an intermediate option that can offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio. More importantly, here it is possible to obtain safe and reliable operation for a large number of users. (2)


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