Power Probe Multimeter Review

The new Power Probe digital multimeter (PPDMM), is a fourth-generation multimeter from Power Probe.

Based out of California, Power Probe is a name to contend within the digital multimeter (DMM) segment of automotive diagnostics, and in the testing of electronic circuits of automotive components. Reviews from customers and users of the new Power Probe multimeter, support the companies’ claims regarding this being the best product in the category, for the price it is offered at. A number of customers have yet again trusted the brand and exhibited great brand loyalty in purchasing the new Power Probe CAT-IV 600V digital multimeter (PPDMM) for the tools improved features.

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Why Power Probe?

The attention to detail is evident in the incorporation of the following features.

1) CAT-IV 600V certification – It is well established, that, CAT-IV 600V rating for a product ensures higher safety for the user. Individual safety is a big corroboration one looks out for when one walks into a shop for an electrical product related to high voltage/high current automotive circuitry.

2) ETV certification validating environment-friendly technology is one of the unique features of the brand.

3) “Safe for testing on hybrid HV automotive circuits”, is a valuable add-on in this auto circuit testing device.

4) A large, backlit screen, with a 6000 count LCD display is the highlight of the tool. It is helpful in seeing the readings better even in dark areas which most automotive engineers work in. (1)

5) Has data hold facility which helps freeze data on the tools screen, to help the technician manually store it at his own convenience.

6) The instrument measures min/max readings, capturing them to help the user set the range.

7) Measures both AC and DC, voltage/ current.

8) The Power Probe Multimeter is a small, rugged and wieldy tool, weighing a pound and measuring 6.9 x 5.6 x 2.7 inches in dimensions.

9) Offers diode/continuity testing.

10) The relative measurement button is provided to check the difference between current value and stored values of the automotive circuit being tested.

11) Loud indicator and alarm tones to communicate urgent readings in noisy environments. The loud buzzers can be turned off if you like, and only the light indicators may be left on to see the results.

12) Includes screw-on, color-coded, excellent quality Alligator clips for better fastening on automotive parts. The clips are made of high-quality steel for rugged use.

13) Includes a Rubberized casing/housing in best, rugged quality for adequate safety of the tools. (Free item)

14) Includes a magnetic holding strap for rugged use which allows for efficient safekeeping. (Free item)

15) Easy to use the manual provided in a compact design to cover all aspects of the product in great detail. The manual also enlists the tools itemized detailing as illustrations. Tabulations and illustrations are self-explanatory.

16) Includes spare fuses for emergent contingencies. (Free item)

17) 3AAA batteries for longevity is a great bonus. Frequency of use may be factored in here. (Free item) 3AAA is a high score for a battery’s performance.

18) 5 Footlong CAT-IV 600V testing lead wires found immense support and favor with the likes of automotive engineers, technicians, and mechanics who like to move between spaces without the deterrence of a short lead. (Free item)

19) Auto shut-off in 15minutes.

20) Includes a 1-year warranty. (Free item)

21) A larger testing arena and function base at a pocket-friendly price range is a sure incentive to buy the product.

Overall, you cannot go wrong in purchasing the brand new Power Probe CAT-IV 600V Multimeter. It is well-nigh, one of the best, rugged, sturdy, and efficient tools used in the automotive meter market in the given price segment. There are too many positives to support the purchase of this tool.

Easy to read the manual provided in a compact, rights reserved design, to cover all aspects of the tools use. Tabulations and illustrations are self-explanatory.

Please check out the Power Probe website for quick insights, features, best-price-on-date details, and pictures before you buy the multimeter. There are plenty of attractive products being given as free add-ons to benefit the customer.  This digital meter (DMM), on the strength of its value-for-money stakes, and price, is the top contender to be purchased at any auto-tool online shop/ offline tool shop.

Functional highlights of the Power Probe Multimeter

Now that we have covered the product features that make the new Power Probe CAT-IV 600V digital Multimeter (PPDMM) stand apart in a class of its own, let us take a closer look at the multitude of functions it offers as a measurement tool. The term multimeter signifies the multiplicity of functions/measurements in the digital multimeter (DMM).

This tool measures the following parameters through easy one button click/operation.

1) Measures AC current or DC current.

2) Measures AC voltage or DC voltage.

3)  Measures Resistance.

4) Measures Capacitance.  

5) Measures Duty cycles.

6) Diodes.

7) Reads Continuity and circuit breaks.

8) Measures temperature readings in both degrees and fahrenheits. (23)

9) Measures Battery levels.

10) Measures max/min readings for range calculation

11) Relative measurement.

12) True RMS calculation. (Detection of both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal frequency waves).

Always test capacitance when the auto is in off mode. Discharge the capacitor before measuring capacitance. You will need to input AC DC data feed along with other manual inputs to meet your capacitance test requirements perfectly.

It is to be ensured that the right buttons are pressed to obtain readings for AC DC current or AC DC voltage as the case may be. CAT-IV 600 safety certifications will make you more confident whichever current/voltage you are dealing with. The product’s ability to test both AC DC currents and voltages is the tool of many advantages. Thus, the above measurement details obtained, provide the user with permutations and combinations to troubleshoot problems, and maintain a standard check on the automobiles working order. We need to make a special mention of the continuity checks and resistance checks, which, are the two most important parameters to debug and troubleshoot problems. Continuity, along with correct resistance output is needed to help us track the path of the automotive circuit and know which parts of the circuit are complete and which are broken.

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The power probe multimeter with its manual and other accessories and items. Also shown is the rugged casing for systematic safekeeping.

Using the Power Probe Multimeter

The digital multimeter (DMM) from Power Probe, basically, has four main parts:

1) The Display screen.

2) The input buttons.

3) The selection knob.

4) The ports.

The display has the positive and negative signs, the bi-colored lights (green for all-good and the red indicative of a problem), and the back-light to illuminate the data on the screen. The display screen is the visual interface between the technician and the automobile circuit. A special indicator indicates the life of the batteries of the product. The batteries are replaceable on the termination of their life.

The input buttons are great tools to feed in different instructions to read voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, relative measurements etc. The pressing of the button type (input measurement calibration), defines the data output we get on the display screen of the digital multimeter (DMM). Click of a button technology is the product many incentives to buy. Multi-functional buttons allow compound data to present itself on a single click.

The selection knob helps us to set our multimeter to measure the input instructions of the buttons in the metric units like ohms, volts, amperes, hertz etc. signifying resistance, voltage, current, frequency, and other measurements that may be required for the test. The min/max values may be incorporated through the knob as well.

The ports help the multimeter to connect with the automobile for data collection and offer a to-and-fro, high-frequency conduit for signals through the probes.  The complicity of these four component items measures the required data to get at the correct results. A products correct use requires learning its functions, knowing its min/max ranges of use, and, getting used to its functional combinations.

The Power Probe productmanual is a ready reckoner to the functions of the buttons on the meter. Also, the data ranges of measurements possible through the multimeter are mentioned in the manual for the customer’s benefit. The manual also gives detailed maintenance, safety, and upkeep reference for all the items to the customer (a video reference of the same is also available on the web). Warranty details and coverage also have a mention here.

For further details about the working of the Power Probe Digital Multimeter, the Power Probe website may be accessed for a short video explaining the process. Other video references on Youtube may be added to your search, in case, some specific automotive circuit checks or functions are to be addressed. You may have to see a video a number of times to understand all the steps involved in the process of measurement/testing. Explanations and uses of all the items in the power probe multimeter kit are available in the online videos teaching you in detail how each component is used.

Making the Final Choice

This Power Probe multimeter is considered to be one of the best multimeters because of its ease of use. There are several versions available. But the new Power Probe CAT-IV 600V digital multimeter (PPDMM), is obviously a great purchase due to the tools user-friendly interface, its multiplicity of functions, and its quality/value for money. So, whether you are an automotive technician, engineer or DIY enthusiast, this tool is a must-have. Having accurate tools with multiple functions allows us to permute and compute data to establish an imminent course of action.  Scanning your vehicle thoroughly for continuity, voltage flaws, or current output aberrations becomes simpler with the new Power Probe multimeter. A befitting price range enabling most customers to reach out for this product is an added bonus. 

With the Power Probe, we know we are in good hands. It’s an established brand, which can be trusted with its products, and, its promise of deliverance and safety. It has garnered great reviews for this product from its customers on counts of quality, ease of use, and functionality. Customer reviews give us an insight into the basal value this item generates in the end-users day-to-day work. It goes without saying, electrical circuits and currents have their inherent safety fallouts and dangers. You can never be too careful and Power Probe offers us that security, and we can do well in sticking with the best. If you shop online you are just a click away from one of the most ingenious products in auto circuit testing.


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(3) fahrenheits – https://www.livescience.com/39916-fahrenheit.html

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