Extech Multimeter Review

One of the most popular and sought-after multimeters are those curated by Extech.

Extraordinary Extech multimeters, packed with numerous features:

  • Digital readings for better comprehension on screen
  • Sturdy, and lightweight design
  • Come with high-quality test leads 

Extech are not only super cost-efficient, but their durability and reliability are incomparable. Some models such as the Extech EX330, and EX505 are mentioned down below. We talk about their advantages, prices, and compatibility with the specific buyers.

Are Extech Multimeters any good?

Most of the meters that are distributed by Extech usually have a green and orange design. It enforces uniformity in its brand and also gives off a sleek and stylish finish to the multimeters, there is also a variety of different kinds of models that would cater to the different needs of people. The Extech EX330 is a contented for best multimeter out of all the models that the company created. 

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It is a mid-level multimeter with the most popular measuring functions. And thus, due to these reasons, the Extech EX330 is immensely popular. It features a combined digital multimeter and a non-contact voltage detector in a compact design which also measures DC/AC voltage up to 600 volts with a 0.5 percent basic accuracy ensures accurate readings for most measuring needs.

The Extech EX330 digital multimeter measures resistance performs diode testing and continuity testing, has an easy-read LED display, an audible beeper and red LED indicator and low battery indicator. It also includes multiple other functions such as auto-ranging, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, and temperature. one of its features also includes a built-in thermometer with a Type K probe that can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. On top of that, it has a relatively big screen that is a 4000-count display that ensures easy readability in almost all work environments. (12)

One of the best brands that are currently available on the market includes Fluke, Amprobe, Klein Tools, Etekcity, and of course Extech. The features of the multimeters sold by them vary in resistance, frequency, and battery life. However, the most affordable ones always seem to be of Extech.

For example, the Extech EX330 starts from a price of approximately $60 which is very good. Along with measuring the standard things, this meter has several other useful ranges, such as capacitance and frequency. These features are not always included on multimeters in this price bracket today. You can also measure temperature to over 1,000 degrees, and detect cable runs behind a wall with its non-contact voltage detector. It is an auto-ranging tester, meaning you don’t need to set an individual range when measuring a socket outlet, for example. The auto-ranging is not the fastest but will work for electronic circuitry up to the meter’s maximum rated voltage of 600V. You can also set it to manual ranging mode, which can be faster.

As previously mentioned, the screen sure is nice and large for the meter size, with clear, one-inch high digits. This display is easy to see from a distance, however, there is no backlight. The Extech EX330 performs quite well in most input ranges, although can be a bit slow when in auto range mode. Resistance, capacitance, continuity, and the diode checker/beeper are all on the same input position, changeable via the Mode button. Temperature ranges have their own input positions. The Extech ex330 also serves as an excellent product to be used at home. its compact size and affordability allows it to be purchased by anyone.

There’s a tilting bail on the back of the Extech EX330 for working on the bench, although it doesn’t ground the meter very well and is not much use for clipping over a hanging point. The Auto Power Off function preserves the battery by shutting the meter down when you’re not working on it for more than fifteen minutes at a time.

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This model contains reliable meters and accessories required for testing the industrial equipment. All the components are placed in a soft carrying case that provides protection from being damaged by other sources, and also helps it to be portable at any given moment, some of the features that make it more preferred than other multimeters are that it includes: 

  • Storage case
  • Magnetic strap
  • Batteries
  • EX505- 600V/4000 count waterproof display
  • DV25-Dual range AC detector
  • TL808-Test lead kit (8-pieces)
  • Thermocouple probe and
  • Dimensions are 248*203*51m

The price of it is more than that of the Extech EX330, however, this does not divert attention from the fact that it is a quite impressive model.


As we compare the different models of multimeters, they vary in functions and prices. We cannot say which multimeter is the best one as all of the ones manufactured by Extech serve a different purpose and target different sorts of needs for every sort of individual. Hence taking into consideration their features as well as their setbacks, one can accurately purchase a multimeter to suit their needs.


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