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What Happens If Ground Wire is Not Connected?

Without a proper ground wire, you might experience some dangerous issues. Sometimes it could lead to an electrical fire, or you might get electrocuted. Preventing that kind of situation is the sole purpose of a ground wire. With that in mind, let’s start today’s topic, what happens if the ground wire is not connected.

When electrical outlets are not grounded correctly, those devices might get damaged due to excessive current. Also, electrical outlets will use your body as an alternative path to carry excessive current if you touch them. It could lead to electrocution.

Purpose of a Ground Wire

circuit diagram for a green ground
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Every circuit needs to be completed. Otherwise, the current will not flow. That means the current always needs to go back to its source. The ground wire gives the current an alternative path to travel to its source. If the normal path is unavailable, the current will use the ground wire to reach its destination. For better understanding, study these guidelines with the given image.

  • The hot wire carries the current from the main supply to the load.
  • The neutral wire carries the current from the load to the main supply.
  • Under normal conditions, the ground wire does not carry any electrical current.
  • However, the ground wire will carry current in case of ground faults.
  • The ground wires have very low resistance.

There are two main reasons that force the current to go through the ground wire.

Damaged Normal Path

If the wires or the components associated with the normal path of the current are damaged, the electrical current will use the grounding wire to travel.

circuit diagram for a return path
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A car chassis is one of the best examples of this. It is the return path for the current.

Too Much Electricity

If the electrical current is too much for the circuit, the excessive current will go through the grounding wire. Usually, the ground wire is connected to the ground. Therefore, there won’t be any circuit damage during a lightning strike. (1)

Meaning of the Open Ground Connection

If your three-prong outlet is not connected to the ground, it is an open ground connection. Dealing with an open ground connection can be extremely dangerous. It can severely damage your electrical appliance during a storm or power outage. So, if you are using a three-prong outlet, remember to ground the electrical outlets properly.

Keep in mind: If you have a two-prong outlet, replace them with a three-prong outlet.

I Cannot Find a Ground Wire in My Electrical Box

If you own an old home, you are probably familiar with this situation. When you open the electrical box, you might not be able to find a ground wire. So, installing a new light fixture won’t be easy.

A modern light fixture comes with a three-wire system. However, if your house is running on a two-wire system, it might confuse you.

Tip: Usually, the hot wire is black, and the neutral wire is white. The ground wire should be green so, you end up with two wires (hot and neutral). As you already know, not having a ground wire can be dangerous. Upgrading the electrical system to 3 wire system is the best solution.

Tip: If the three-prong outlet does not have a ground wire, at least label the outlet.

What Happens If the Ground Wire is Not Connected Correctly?

You now have a good understanding of the ground wire. But what happens if you do not have a ground wire? Or sometimes, the ground wire might not be connected properly. If you do not have a proper ground connection, it might lead to disastrous outcomes. Here are some of those outcomes.

Damage, Injury, or Death

A house fire is one of the worst outcomes that can occur due to not having a grounding wire. It can damage your property. On the other hand, you might get injured, or the accident can be fatal. So, having a proper ground wire will make sure you are safe. (2)

Protection against Electrical Overload

A proper ground wire can ensure the safety of your appliances. During a sudden surge of electrical current, the ground wire will transport the excessive current to the earth. For instance, lightning strikes can create a massive amount of voltage. If you didn’t have any ground connection, the high voltage will damage your appliances.

Can You Be Electrocuted If Your Home is Not Grounded?

Yes, it could happen. When the grounding wire is not connected properly, you might get electrocuted. Your body will play the role of a capacitor for two points of electricity.

Most open-ground outlets and sockets pose a real risk of electrocution. Electrical current always follows the path that has the least resistance. Therefore, the current choose your body as the least resistant path. If the connection is not grounded, you’ll get electrocuted.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the importance of the grounding wire is crucial. It will help you to avoid getting electrocution or damaging your appliances. Check the ground wire connection. If needed, take the necessary actions.

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(1) lightning strike – https://www.cdc.gov/disasters/lightning/safetytips.html
(2) house fire – https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/the-8-most-notable-house-fires-in-history-53245

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