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What Breaker is Compatible with Westinghouse?

Westinghouse is a popular brand of home automation and electric breaker panels. This post will list the various breaker types compatible with Westinghouse panels.

Many old houses use the breakers that Westinghouse makes. Therefore, the brand should be the primary consideration while shopping for a new Westinghouse circuit breaker. Even with the name of the company which makes them, Square D, Eaton, and Cutler-Hammer are usable with Westinghouse circuit breakers.

What are the Compatible Breakers for a Westinghouse Breakers Replacement?

A circuit breaker is usually only compatible with the same brand of the load center. You can discover a compatible breaker much faster if you consult the Westinghouse compatibility chart. The Westinghouse circuit breakers cross source lists your breaker brand’s specific models.

You look for a different brand if you require help detecting the particular breaker model on the market. Because they are all kept by the same business, Square D, Eaton, and Cutler-Hammer are all compatible with Westinghouse circuit breakers. When a Westinghouse breaker has to be changed, you have many options.

The fundamental problem here is not the compatibility of Westinghouse circuit breakers. Some of these devices still need to be produced even though dissimilar circuit breakers must be replaced with a similar brand and model. As a result, you must locate a breaker with the exact specifications as the one you require.

The replacement breakers from other brands can have the same functions as yours, but they might not work in your load center. So, when searching for a new one to replace your old one, you must be careful.

These factors should be considered when looking for a suitable replacement breaker.

1. Making or Designing Circuit Breakers

Construction of a circuit breaker refers to how it is made or mounted. It can also be used to talk about the load center in your house.

Most manufacturers change how their circuit breakers and load centers are made to make them more efficient and easier to use. If that’s the case, you might need help finding a new circuit breaker that fits your load center, even if it has the same specs as your old one.

4 pole circuit breaker

Because of this, it’s best to bring a sample of your current breaker or know the exact model number of your load center. This way, you can ask your supplier to find one that is precisely the same as the one in your home.

2. Purpose of the Breaker

This is about the different kinds of circuit breakers, like the GFCI and the AFCI. For example, you can’t use a regular circuit breaker for circuits near water or in wet places, even if it has the same rating and comes from the same brand. For this circuit, you need a GFCI breaker to keep people from getting electrocuted or hurt.

electrical box opened

It also refers to the amount of current and voltage in a circuit. This is important whether the circuit breaker has one pole, two poles, or two sets of poles. This specific circuit voltage refers to the voltage that your appliances and devices get from this circuit.

3. How the Breaker Works

The function of a circuit breaker tells you where you need to put it. For example, an electrical circuit in a home does not require the same breaker necessary for a large business or building. In other words, a circuit breaker has a rating that tells what it can be used for.

level 4 breaker panel

A circuit breaker’s features and values must also be based on the electrical codes in your area. You can also watch this video by Circuit Breaker Wholesale, which shows why most circuit breakers can’t be switched with each other.

Why are Eaton and Westinghouse Breakers Compatible?

The same company makes both the Eaton and Westinghouse brands. Westinghouse had an air circuit breaker line that worked with low voltage. This product line was sold to Square D, which in turn sold to Eaton Corporation. Because of who owns the rights, the four breakers look almost the same but have different nameplates:

  • Westinghouse
  • Square D
  • Eaton
  • Cutler Hammer

Some models of circuit breakers are essentially compatible aside from upgraded electronics and can therefore be used interchangeably despite having different nameplates.

How to Identifying Genuine, Factory Original Westinghouse Circuit Breakers Manufactured by Eaton?

A molded-case circuit breaker may or may not have features that make it easy to tell if it is real or fake. There may be differences that an outside investigation can’t find.

A real Eaton brand molded-case circuit breaker made by Eaton will have a bar code that is unique to the breaker and a seal that has not been broken. This barcode and seal were put on at the factory, and they ensured the breaker was safe inside.

Only take the breaker if the barcode is present or the seal is broken for any reason. The seal doesn’t appear on trip breakers that can be switched out.

factory sealed label

Genuine molded-case circuit breakers have a date code stamped in silver and white on the back. If this coding isn’t there, it could mean that the breaker has been messed with. Often, this date code is erased to make the breaker look brand new.

manufacturing date code

Examining the sealant used to hide the screws on the top rear of the circuit breaker is yet another approach to determining whether or not the breaker has been tampered with. If the sealant is sloppy or absent altogether, this is a sign that the unit may have been tampered with somehow.

sealant used to cover screws

When it comes to genuine Westinghouse circuit breakers, the UL® label will either look exactly like the one in the photo or will be stamped in white ink onto the frame of older breakers that are not Series C models. Anything other than this can point to fraudulent activity.

UL label

If there are marks on the front cover screw, someone has tried to open the breaker. Real Westinghouse molded-case circuit breakers have a black or grey cover on the front.

front cover screws

Eaton makes molded-case circuit breakers for Westinghouse. Each is packed separately and shipped in a box with an Eaton label. Nothing else is new and should be taken with a grain of salt.

eaton labeled carton


What kind of circuit breaker does Westinghouse use?

Westinghouse was the first company to make circuit breakers, and the molded case circuit breaker has always been its main product. Westinghouse’s molded case circuit breakers protect your electrical system from overloads and short circuits with fast switching and thermal-magnetic trip mechanisms.

Are Eaton and Westinghouse the same?

In 1994, Eaton bought Westinghouse’s Distribution and Control Business Unit (DCBU) and combined it with their Cutler-Hammer® business unit to make a new solid company.

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