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How to Wire Neutral Safety Switch? (2 Simple Steps)

A neutral safety switch is one of the most important components of your vehicle’s ignition system. Sometimes, you might have to replace the neutral safety switch, but don’t worry, I will help you learn how.

General steps to wire a neutral safety switch:

  1. Connect one end of the switch to the starter with the blue wire.
  2. Connect the other end of the switch to the ignition switch with the yellow wire.

I will go into more detail below.

Importance of Neutral Safety Switch

Before learning how to wire a neutral safety switch, understanding the importance of this switch is crucial.

In simple terms, the neutral safety switch will prevent your vehicle from starting in any position. That means the vehicle will only start at the park or neutral gears. As you can understand, this safety switch will prevent your vehicle’s accidental movement while you try to start it.

2 Simple Steps to Wire a Neutral Safety Switch

Your vehicle may be running with a bad neutral safety switch. You may need to replace the switch. But first, you must have a good understanding of the wiring part.

Step 1 – Connect the One End to the Starter

The neutral safety switch comes with two different wire connections. Connect one end of the switch to the starter, as shown in the above diagram. According to this diagram, you should connect the blue wire to the starter.

Step 2 – Connect the Other End to the Ignition Switch

And the other end of the switch should connect to the ignition switch (yellow wire).

How Does the Neutral Safety Switch Work?

To understand the above two steps correctly, you should learn how the neutral safety switch works. Hence, here’s a simple explanation.

When you turn on the ignition switch, the neutral safety switch allows the current to pass through the circuit, given that the vehicle is in the park or neutral gears. The neutral safety switch does this with the help of the small plastic tab on it. This tab acts as a safety switch.

When the vehicle is in the park or neutral position, the paddle will push the safety switch’s tab and deliver current to the starter. Then the vehicle will be started without any issues.

But when the vehicle is in gear position, the paddle won’t push the tab, and no current will be delivered to the starter. This will prevent the vehicle from starting.

Why is the Neutral Safety Switches Wiring Important?

The neutral safety switch is a delicate component that might get damaged over time. For instance, things such as dirt, corrosion, moisture, and heat can inflict damage on the neutral safety switch. When that happens, you must replace it with a new switch. And the proper wiring is crucial for the replacement process.

Location of the Neutral Safety Switch

The location of the neutral safety switch will vary according to the type of shifter. There are two main shifter types.

Automatic Column Shifter

If your vehicle has an automatic column shifter, the neutral safety switch will be alongside the shifter linkage column.

Automatic Floor Shifter

If your vehicle has an automatic floor shifter, the neutral safety switch will be located under the shifter. Or the switch might be attached to the transmission.

How to Identify a Bad Neutral Safety Switch?

The vehicle will show several symptoms when the neutral safety switch goes bad. In this section, I’ll teach you about those symptoms.

The Vehicle Starts at Any Gear

When the neutral safety switch works properly, the vehicle only starts at the park or neutral gears. But you can start the vehicle in any gear when the switch is faulty. This is the first sign you can see which is dangerous. For instance, your vehicle will start to move.

The Vehicle Won’t start at Park or Neutral.

If the vehicle is not starting in the park or has neutral gears, that might be a cause of a faulty neutral safety switch. Therefore, you might have to replace the neutral safety switch.

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