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How to Hang a Window Box Without Drilling (3 Methods)

By the end of this article, you should know how to hang a window box without drilling.

Drilling weakens and disfigures the window box and damages your property. Window boxes can last longer and stay sturdy for a long time if they are not drilled during installation. 

In general, to hang a window box without drilling, you can:

  • Use a no-drill window box
  • Use vinyl siding hangers, preferably with two hooks for anchoring
  • Grow flowers on your balcony within proximity to the window

Getting Started

Below I will go through 3 viable techniques for hanging window boxes without making holes which you can try at home.

hanging flower pot

Method 1: Using a No-Drill Window Box

No-drill window boxes do not require drilling or the use of screws. They usually use special clips or adhesives for hanging window boxes without making any holes. Most no-drill window boxes are made from plastic polyethylene materials hence they are durable and strong.

They also contain a sub-irrigation water system. I highly recommend them because you won’t have to drill holes to install them and because they are of better quality.(1)

Follow the steps below to install or attach a no-drill window box using pressure screws.

Step 1. Unscrew the main bolt on the window box until it hooks up over the window sill. 

hooking up over the window sill

Step 2. Add pressure to the top of the no-drill window box fixing. Then, hand-tighten the bolt until it fits securely on the window sill.

Step 3. Go ahead and tighten the second bolt fixing.

Method 2: Use Vinyl Siding Hangers

Another method you can use to hang your window boxes without making holes is employing vinyl siding hangers.

Making holes, nailing, or screwing the vinyl siding onto the wall causes damage to the vinyl siding.

However, introducing hangers solves the problem. Follow the steps below to hang your window box without making holes.

Step 1. Measure the window box. Also, if it has hooks, measure the distance between them and always confirm that the window box is of the correct size.

I recommend purchasing a window box that extends the whole length of the window. Boxes that are too narrow will appear unbalanced, while wide ones will seem cluttered.

Additionally, evaluate the elevation of the window box. A height of around 20-25 percent of the window peak where you hang the window box is effective.

Other Tips

Get a window box with tiny holes. Plants or flowers require tiny holes to avoid resting on wet soil. Drill out the holes if the window box has none.

Get a window box with a depth larger than eight inches (20 cm). The window box should have the space to contain the plants you place in it. Plants need sufficient space to thrive.

Get larger window boxes (depth 1 foot, breadth 1 foot) if you wish to load more plants into the box.

Step 2. Get the vinyl siding hooks. The hook has two ends; a straight and curved side. Place the curved side onto your vinyl siding where you want to hang the window box. Pull the hook downward until it catches the siding. Anchor the hook in place by pulling it forward.

Step 3. Obtain the distance between the hanging hooks (usually two hooks) on the window box. Use a carpenter’s pencil to mark the spot.

Step 4. Place another vinyl siding hook at the spot you just marked with a carpenter’s pencil. Again, pull forward and down until the hang holds.

Step 5. Lastly, grab your window box and place it over the well-positioned hooks. Do it such that the hanging hooks on your box rest on the straight sides of the vinyl siding hooks.

Method 3: Growing Flowers on The Balcony

growing flowers on the balcony

Instead of drilling window boxes to install them, you can grow your favorite flowers on the balcony within proximity to the window.


What are the challenges of hanging window boxes without drilling holes?

While window boxes are simple to maintain, they may not last long if specific measures are not taken. Keep track of the condition of the window box to prevent it from falling off. Another issue is that hanging window boxes without drilling requires extra materials like hangers which can get expensive.

What makes window boxes unique?

With window boxes, one can view plants or flowers grown in the box from both inside and outdoors. (2)

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(1) sub-irrigation water system – https://ag.umass.edu/greenhouse-floriculture/fact-sheets/subirrigation-systems
(2) plants or flowers grown in the box – https://www.almanac.com/

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