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How to Fix Injector Circuit Malfunction (5 Solutions)

When your car’s injector circuit malfunctions, you may experience various problems, such as loss of power, stalling, or rough acceleration.

Fuel injector circuit malfunction is a common yet hazardous issue. You will identify it as a diagnostic code, such as P0200. The code indicates a circuit malfunction in one or more cylinders of an automobile’s injection system. I will explain below what you can do to fix an injector circuit malfunction, what causes it, and its symptoms.

In General, to fix an injector circuit malfunction, you can:

  • Replace the fuel injector
  • Repair or replace the connections
  • Repair or replace the wires
  • Replace the powertrain control module
  • Replace the engine control module

More detail below.

What is a P0200 Code?

P0202 fuel code
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P0200 is an injector circuit trouble code.

P0200 is shown when the engine control module locates an error in the fuel injection circuit. The injector sends small amounts of fuel to the cylinders where its combustion will occur.

The engine control module, the computed part of the automobile, receives data from several sensors it analyses. Based on that analysis, it sends signals in warning lights to notify the driver.

The P0200 is a diagnostic trouble code, and the engine control module regulates several systems.

What Might Cause the Malfunction?

circuit malfunction
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The circuit malfunction in the injector can result from a mechanical or electrical error.

Errors in the Engine Control Module

The engine control module regulates many systems, such as the fuel injector.

If the device malfunctions or stops working, the injection system will show errors. One of these faults might be less fuel transmission to the engine, creating misfires and giving off less power.

Carbon Buildup – Open Injector

In general terms, no buildup of anything is a good sign.

Carbon built-up in the engine leads to the clogging of the injector. Thus, the device cannot close completely, resulting in fuel leakage.

This phenomenon can create several issues you can use to identify a faulty injector.

Failed Injector

Apart from carbon buildup, a failed injector can occur due to shortages.

The circuit opens up, and the electricity flow halts. That disallows the injector to transmit fuel into the engine, creating a circuit malfunction.

You can test it by powering on the ignition and oxygen sensor.

How Do You Diagnose a Duel Injector Circuit Malfunction?

Usually, it’s best to have an expert diagnose the fuel injector malfunction.

  1. They will analyze the trouble codes and the freeze frame data.
  2. The next step requires clearing all codes to perform a road test to verify the issue. The test must be performed under the conditions that caused the error codes.
  3. The expert will check the wiring system and fuel injectors to detect defective and broken items.
  4. With a scanning tool, they can diagnose the trouble code and any potential irregularities in the injector circuit.
  5. The mechanic will then check the voltage of the fuel injector and test its operations.
  6. The last step is the engine control module test, revealing if all parts work properly.

How to Fix the Fuel Injector Circuit Malfunction?

fuel injector
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You must refer to the engine and fuel system to fix the fuel injector circuit malfunction.

The repair techniques include replacements or small fixes in the engine and fuel system parts. That entails:

  • Replacing the fuel injector
  • Repairing or replacing the connections
  • Repairing or replacing the wires
  • Replacing the powertrain control module
  • Replacing the engine control module

Is P0200 Serious?

P0200 is an extremely serious issue.

The most probable scenario is poor engine performance, with the hazard of shutting off suddenly without restarting afterward.

Thus, it needs to be fixed immediately before the symptoms start showing up.

Symptom 1: Rough Idle

Rough idle derives from poor fuel flow.

You can detect the phenomenon after breaking. You might feel that the engine stalls a bit. The stalling of the engine might destroy it and cause several more serious issues.

Symptom 2: Engine Stall

The power of the engine comes from fuel.

If the amount of fuel is limited, you either have a fuel leakage or a carbon buildup. Note that carbon built-up can affect the amount of fuel used. When the injectors cannot close completely, some fuel is bound to exit the part while the car is moving.

In this case, the engine will not start easily or at all.

Symptom 3: Misfires

Misfires can occur due to carbon built-up or fuel shortage.

When leakage is created due to the engine’s buildup, the spark meant for a different cylinder can create fire in the clogged part of the engine. The same can happen when there is a shortage in the fuel tank.

You can identify if this is the case by a lack of performance. You might also hear a popping sound.

Symptom 4: Fuel Delivery and Engine Surge

Fuel efficiency is crucial and is linked to its quantity.

If the fuel injected is insufficient, the spraying pattern of the engine will cease to exist. The pattern aids the engine in keeping a standard fuel-burning process with no ups and downs, protects fuel consumption, and amplifies protection.

Note that you might feel the engine trembling while trying to accelerate.

Symptom 5: Fuel Odor

Fuel smell is usually linked to a leakage.

Like the examples above, leakages are caused by carbon or another element built up. If, while using the car, you detect the smell of gasoline on multiple occasions, you must inspect your injector.

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