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How to Find a Doorbell Breaker (3 Methods)

Traditional doorbells are wired to your house’s 120-volts power supply, and a transformer steps this down to the standard voltage needed.

Here Are Three Methods to Find the Doorbell Breaker:

  1. Self-Trial and Error
  2. Follow the Wires of The Doorbell.
  3. Ask for Assistance from A Electrician

I will go into more detail below.

Steps to Find the Breaker

The doorbell transformer is not attached directly to a committed circuit breaker.

It plugs into an existing current switch, outlet, or electrical box on a similar circuit as other electrical appliances. So doorbell switches are frequently tricky to find on the main electrical panel.

Here are three things you can do to find a doorbell breaker:

1. Self-trial and Error

Wear appropriate safety equipment, as this requires contact with the surface of your circuit breakers (Electrical PPE). While using this strategy, you are in a space with live electricity, so use additional caution.

Try switching off a CB in the breaker panel and examining it to see if your doorbell still works. Do this with each circuit breaker until you get to the one that uses your doorbell. It is not difficult to do with the help of someone else who will push the buzzer.

On the other hand, this procedure is unsuitable for homes or residential buildings with a large amount of electrical activity, like home offices or companies. So, please be attentive when you switch every breaker in the house, and never forget to shut off a breaker that was once open by you.

This procedure is more straightforward so that a simple DIYer will have no issue with it.

2. Follow the Wires of the Doorbell

The best way to find the doorbell breaker is to follow the wires from the doorbell to the main breaker panel. 

ring video doorbel pro

It needs to be done by hand, so if you’re uncomfortable with this, wait for an electrician.

Step #1: Find the Doorbell Button

As mentioned, a hard-wired doorbell’s sound system is difficult to find inside the house. You’ll need to follow the wiring flowing from the push-button doorbell outside the home to locate the chime because manufacturers typically make them to fit in with their surroundings.

If your doorbell system is wireless, on the other hand, you can locate the chime by listening to its location. The point to remember is that builders typically install a chime that can be heard throughout the house. The living room and kitchen are the typical locations.

Step #2: Find the Doorbell Transformer

The transformer is essential to the doorbell because it gives the chime the correct voltage. Follow the wires from the chime inside the house to the transformer.

The problem with finding the doorbell transformer location is that it’s usually hidden in your home’s wiring. Remember that the 120 Volts supply is always hard-wired near the sound system itself, so don’t look too far.

There are two possible ways that the person who wired your doorbell could have done it. First, there are exposed wires. Find any exposed wires you can follow by hand to where they end, and there you will find the doorbell transformer. On the other hand, they can install it by attaching it to the inside of the wall.

This kind of wiring can go to either the attic or the basement. In this case, you should look upstairs or downstairs for a nearby electrical box. No matter your wiring, you need to find the nearest junction box, receptacle, or switch where the chime usually shares a circuit with other devices.

Step #3 Find the Breaker

At this point, check the circuit connected to your transformer circuit breaker. Once you have identified the exact circuit that powers your doorbell, you can trace its origin back to the main electrical panel.

Again, if the circuit is difficult to find, you can get help from a device such as an outlet tester or circuit breaker finder. Plug it into an outlet connected to the same 120V circuit as your doorbell transformer.

Finally, connect the receiver sensor to the CBS of your panel. Repeat this process for each switch until the correct output circuit switch appears.

3. Ask for Assistance from a Professional

If you’re still lost, you should call a professional contractor or the person who put your doorbell in. This is not only the best way to solve this problem but also quick and takes little time.

This is a good idea for people who don’t like working in areas with a lot of electricity or need to learn how to change the wiring when tracing a circuit. If a professional does all the work, you won’t have to worry because they can fully help you and tell you how to find the right breaker.

On the other hand, you might as well do it yourself if you don’t mind touching junction boxes or electrical panels and feel the same way. Doing it yourself doesn’t cost anything.

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