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Can I Use Gorilla Tape as Electrical Tape?

As an experienced electrician, I encourage using Gorilla tape instead of electrical tape to seal and hold the electrical wire.

Gorilla tape (duct tape-like material) is made of a sturdy fiber and can be used to seal wires and cables. It can also be used to repair holes in walls. Make sure to soften the tape with a heat gun before using it to avoid any damage. The tape has been tested, and it has proven effective. You won’t have any issues with your electrical wires after applying it appropriately.

Yes, you can use Gorilla tape instead of electrical tape. Gorilla tape is not particularly designed for use as electrical tape, but it can be. It’s got good insulation features and will keep its shape even in damp conditions. Also, it leaves fewer residue traces on surfaces than most tape.

I will go into more detail below.

What Exactly is Gorilla Tape?

Gorilla Tape is duct tape, usually silver in color, and has a black Gorilla on the packaging. The tape is made of a strong fabric material resistant to water. It’s thus ideal for use in construction, repairs, and other outdoor projects. Gorilla Tape has become popular due to its ability to adhere to nearly all wet and icy surfaces.

Can You Substitute Electrical Tape with Gorilla Tape?

Gorilla tape is made of tough, adhesive-coated cloth tape — it can extend up to two times its length. Also, it’s waterproof and resistant to abrasion. This tape has a wide range of applications, including electrical repairs.

Yes, you can use Gorilla tape instead of electrical tape. Gorilla tapes are not particularly designed for use as electrical tape, but they can be. It’s got good insulation features and will keep its shape even in damp conditions. Also, it leaves fewer residue traces on surfaces than most tape.

When using Gorilla Tape in place of electrical repair tape, a few things must be considered; for starters, because it is not flame retardant, it shouldn’t be used in place of standard flame-retardant electrical tape.

The Pros of Using Gorilla Tape as Electrical Tape

1. Gorilla Tape is Sturdy

Gorilla Tape is a strong duct tape frequently used as electrical tape. It has several advantages over standard electrical tape.

For starters, Gorilla Tape is far more durable than standard electrical tape. It can withstand twice the weight and is less likely to tear or come apart.

2. The Tape is Water-Resistant

Gorilla Tape is water resistant. So, it’s an excellent option for outdoor applications and projects that may be exposed to moisture.

3. Gorilla Tape has a Wider Range of Applications

Third, Gorilla Tape is versatile. This makes wrapping around curves and corners easier.

4. Gorilla Tape is Best Suited for Do-It-Yourself Projects

Gorilla Tape comes in various colors, making it ideal for do-it-yourself projects.

The Cons of Using Gorilla Tape Instead of Electrical Tape

There are a few drawbacks to using gorilla tape:

1. Gorilla Tape Doesn’t Possess Electrical Tape Properties

Because gorilla tape is not intended to be used as electrical tape, it may not provide the same insulation and protection against moisture and other elements as standard electrical tape.

2. Gorilla Tape is Not as Flexible

Gorilla tape is thicker and far less flexible than standard electrical tape; it can be not easy to work with in tight spaces and around curves

3. Gorilla Tape is More Expensive

Gorilla tape is comparatively more expensive than regular electrical tape; using it for big projects can cost more.

What is the Best Way to Use Gorilla Tape as Electrical Tape?

Gorilla Tape is an excellent substitute for regular electrical tape.

It is more durable and less prone to tearing, making it ideal for heavier-duty projects. Furthermore, gorilla tape can be used in wet or humid conditions without losing its stickiness. Here are some pointers on how to employ gorilla tape as electrical tape:

Step 1: Cut Your Gorilla Tape a Little Longer than The Cable or Wire You Want to Tape

Always cut Gorilla tape a little longer than the cord or wire you’re taping. This will ensure enough overlap and that the tape remains in place.

gorilla tape
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Step 2: Enclose the Tape on the Wire

Enclose the gorilla tape around one end of the wire and press firmly to secure it.

Step 3: Redo Step 2 (Wrap the Tape on the Wire)

Wrap the tape around the wire again, keeping it tight and overlapping as you go.

Step 4: Trim Excess or Trailing Tape

After wrapping the entire length of the wire, cut off the excess tape.

Step 5: Tape Exposed Wires

Apply a small amount of duct tape over the exposed wires before applying gorilla tape to ensure no glue seeps through.

Gorilla Tape vs. Electrical Tape

Gorilla Tape is a brand designed to be stronger and stickier than conventional duct tape. It is also waterproof.

On the other hand, electrical tape is intended to insulate electrical wires and is neither as strong nor as sticky as Gorilla Tape.


Is Gorilla Tape Superior to Duct Tape?

It’s similar to duct tape but far superior in almost every way. The key difference between Gorilla Tape and duct tape is the “triple-strength adhesive,” which allows it to stick better than duct tape. When you apply Gorilla Tape to an item, it will not come off without a fight.

Is Gorilla Tape Identical to Gorilla Glue?

Gorilla Tape is manufactured by the same company that produces Gorilla Glue. It’s identical to duct tape but far superior in every aspect. 

How Difficult is it to Remove Gorilla Tape?

Pulling your Gorilla Tape takes 85 lbs of force to tear it; however, you can also rip it with your fingers, making it convenient to use when you’re on the go without any tools. On the downside, Gorilla Tape is quite sticky, and removing it will almost certainly leave some adhesive residue behind.

Can Gorilla Tape be used in Water?

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal tape instantly seals water, air, and moisture. The tape conforms to create a permanent bond indoors and out thanks to its extra thick adhesive layer and Ultra Violet resistant backing. Utilize it to patch holes, gaps, cracks, and tears up to 4-inch wide, even underwater.

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