Ames Multimeter Review

Ames Multimeter Review

Ames Instruments DM1000 Digital Multimeter

When safety is paramount, Ames DM1000 is the way to go:

  • True RMS responding
  • CAT III/CAT IV safety rating
  • Non-contact voltage measurement

If you ask an electrician or an HVAC technician what part of their body is the most helpful to them, they will probably mention the multimeter. Yes, we know it isn’t a body part, although they would slightly disagree. A good multimeter is just so useful and handy, they would have it installed as another extremity.

But purchasing the right multimeter is not a simple task. A store may display a wide range of products with very similar features. How to know which one provides the accuracy you need? Furthermore, which one is worth its price? If you want to put your money to good use and get the proper tools for your job, this website will provide guidance. Read on while we uncover the features included on Ames DM1000 Digital Multimeter.

  • Maximum AC-DC voltage measure: 1000 V
  • Built-in contact thermometer
  • Display: 6000 Counts, True RMS

Ames Multimeter Review

Resolution: 1080p HD
155° horizontal, 90° vertical
Advanced Motion Detection

Night Vision

Ames Multimeter is featured as a high-quality, compact, digital multimeter that performs great when put to the test, despite what you may think because of its price.

Which brand of a multimeter is the best?

Fluke is one of the creator of the best multimeters in the market, this is according to experts. It is safe to say this corporation sets the standard when it comes to calibration and electrical tools, testers, and meters, as well as proprietary biomedical software.

Talking specifically about their multimeters, one word sums it all up: quality. If you work in the contractor business, you may know someone who bought a Fluke multimeter in the 80s and still uses it as an everyday tool. Its accuracy is off the charts, and so is its input protection, designed to safeguard both meter and user from voltage surges.

You may find yourself thinking that getting a multimeter was an easy choice after all. Well, don’t get too excited. Fluke’s products are certifiably great, of course… if you have the budget. Prices on their digital multimeters range from hundreds to a couple of thousand bucks. Luckily, there are cheap options if you want to take your work to the next level without making a dent in your wallet.

There is a whole brand of affordable multimeters. Some of them are not reliable and break at the first voltage surge. Others, however, offer great features, even with their low value. Hold on as we review a great example: Ames Instruments DM1000.

Who makes Ames meters?

Ames meters are manufactured by Harbor Freight Tools, a brand that also sells these items in their home improvement stores all over the United States. There, the DM1000 It is featured as a high-quality, compact, digital multimeter that performs great when put to the test, despite what you may think because of its price.

Let’s discuss the full menu of included attributes and you’ll see. For starters, it is fully rated to withstand CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V for AC and DC voltage measurements, which is a way of saying you’re safe when using this equipment. Furthermore, it has resisted ETL testing. (1)

The built-in LoZ spots “ghost voltage” to avert false readings when installing new wirings or looking for faults on cable runs. Its auto-hold feature lets you see the first stable value captured, and you get to store it in its data hold repository. Add to that a display of 6000 counts of True RMS and we may be talking about one of the best multimeters around, always keeping its price in mind.

Its resistance range of 66MΩ matches that of more expensive meters, as well as its non-contact voltage measurement. Do you want some bonuses? This Harbor Freight multimeter also includes test leads, a temperature probe, a low battery indicator, a diode test mode, auto-ranging, and backlight. Everything in this item spells: “For professional use”.

What’s even more important, all users on the Harbor Freight Tools website vouch for this product’s soundness. Their reviews show how much they love their new multimeter.

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Are cheap multimeters any good?

If you want to buy a multimeter, first of all, you want quality, and then a good price. The reason? Here’s a great one: you don’t want to put yourself in danger. Multimeters measure plenty of things, but one of the most important involves a current. Also, in HVAC applications, you’re constantly testing flame sensors and high temperatures. (2)

A lot could go wrong if you don’t take the necessary precautions. There have even been reports of cheap multimeters blowing up when faced with too much power.

That said, there’s no point in buying a state-of-the-art multimeter unless you need to. Plus, a wide array of articles under the hundred-dollar mark are just as safe.

The DM1000 is living proof that a professional, well built, fully equipped digital multimeter is within everyone’s reach. Here’s a way that you can connect new equipment or repair broken mechanisms without needing a wallet fix.

Above all, make sure you stay away from danger. A mid-range piece of equipment like the DM1000 performs as well as anyone and will protect you too.

What is a good automotive multimeter?

To work, modern cars count on high-tech electric systems. From the engine start to the power used for charging your smartphone, many of its different devices are electric-based. Much more so if we get into hybrids.

Multimeters, then, are a great tool to test the electrics in an automotive. They allow you to save money by merging three different meters in one: an ammeter, a voltmeter, and an ohmmeter. That helps you diagnose much more easily whatever is keeping your car from working as it should.

If they are digital multimeters, even better. Analog multimeters are harder to read and not as precise. To see the actual numbers of the system’s DC, AC voltage, capacitance, and other values are quite practical.

Last but not least, good automotive meters require accuracy. There is no point in working with a tool that provides false readings. So, if you’re on the hunt for your next multimeter, make sure it features True RMS.

Wrapping Up

All in all, Ames DM1000 Digital Multimeter performs its job, and it does so really well. Harbor Freight Tools has delivered a compact instrument that is far more economical than other brands (say, Fluke), while still providing all the features this kind of tool should have: accuracy, protection, maneuverability, and the like. Its high resistance over time is proof of its quality, too. Every electrician and HVAC technician will be happy to own a DM1000.

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