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Klein vs. Fluke Multimeter

Without a doubt, Klein and Fluke are two of the most popular digital multimeters. So, what is the best brand that is suited for you? Well, it depends on the use of the multimeter. Here is an in-depth comparison of Klein vs. Fluke multimeters.

Both brands are indeed reliable and come with study design. However, if you need a multimeter for industrial use, choose Fluke. If you are looking for a multimeter for home use, choose Klein.

Quick Summary:

Choose Klein multimeters because:

  • They are easy to use
  • They cost less
  • They are an excellent choice for home use

Choose Fluke multimeters because:

  • They have superior quality
  • They are highly accurate
  • They have a larger display

Klein Multimeters

In 1857 Klein tools started manufacturing various tools. During these 165 years of greatness, the Klein multimeter stands out as one of the top testing tools which Klein has ever produced.

Klein Tools MM600 Multimeter and Klein Tools MM400 Multimeter can be considered the best multimeter among the Klein multimeters. For instance, these modern Klein multimeters can measure up to 40MΩ resistance, 10A current, and 1000V AC/DC voltage.

Fluke Multimeters

fluke multimeter in action
Video | GalcoTV

John Fluke founded the fluke corporation in 1948. The company started its journey by producing testing tools such as power and ohm meters. Hence, this 74 years of expertise led to the making of multimeters such as Fluke 117 and Fluke 88V 1000V.

These industrial-based multimeters are highly accurate and have an accuracy level of 0.5% to 0.025%. Also, some models can measure DC current or voltage with 1 percent accuracy.

Klein vs Fluke Pros and Cons

Klein Multimeter Pros

  • Most Klein multimeters are budget friendly
  • Capable of handling considerable amounts of current, voltage, and resistance
  • CAT-IV 600V safety rating (some models)
  • Highly durable design

Klein Multimeter Cons

  • Lack of quality compared to Fluke multimeters
  • Not the best testing tool for industrial use

Fluke Multimeter Pros

  • Highly accurate readings
  • They can be used for automobile applications
  • In some models, you can measure up to 20 amps
  • CAT-III or CAT-IV safety ratings

Fluke Multimeter Cons

  • Expensive
  • Some models are difficult to use

Klein vs Fluke: Features

After using various multimeters from both of these models, I can now give a proper comparison of the Klein and Fluke multimeters. So, follow the below section to find which brand suits your needs.


Whenever you buy a multimeter, the first thing you should check is its accuracy. Hence, comparing the accuracy of the Klein and Fluke multimeter is a must.

In truth, both of these brands are highly accurate. But when it comes to accuracy, Fluke multimeters are the best choice.

For instance, most Fluke multimeters have 0.5% to 0.025% accuracy.

Quick Tip: The Fluke 88V 1000V multimeter has 1% accuracy on DC ranges.

On the other hand, most Klein multimeters have 1% accuracy.

Winner – Fluke

The accuracy level of the Fluke multimeters can be helpful while performing industrial-level testing. That doesn’t mean the Klein multimeter’s accuracy level is ineffective. But it cannot be compared to Fluke. So, the winner is Fluke.


After testing different multimeters from both these brands, I can say one thing. They both deliver durable digital multimeters. But when it comes to toughness, the Fluke multimeters have the advantage. For instance, the Klein MM400 multimeter can withstand a drop from a 3.3-meter height.

On the other hand, Fluke multimeters are designed for industrial use. Because of that, they can handle more shock, drop, and humidity compared to Klein multimeters.

Winner – Fluke

Klein MM400 multimeter sure is impressive when it comes to durability. But it is no match for models such as a Fluke 87-V.

Measuring Types and Limits

Both models can measure current, voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, etc. And most measuring limits are the same for both brands. To understand this correctly, follow the below chart.

BrandMeasuring TypeMeasuring Limit

As you see, both brands have equal limits when it comes to voltage and resistance. But when it comes to the current, the Fluke multimeter can measure up to 20A. Here are two examples.

  1. Fluke 117
  2. Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS

Winner – Fluke

Ease of Use

With CAT-III 600V rating, simple button settings, clear display, and battery level indicator, both brands remarkably increase the ease of use. But some Fluke multimeters are hard to use, especially for beginners, and they might need professional help to operate these devices.

Winner – Klein

Klein is your choice if you are looking for an easy-to-use multimeter. They are indeed less complicated compared to some Fluke multimeters.


Regarding safety, both Klein and Fluke come with CAT-III 600V rating (some models come with CAT-IV). So you can use them without any concerns. However, make sure you use them only for intended applications. Otherwise, you may encounter accidents.

Winner – Both

Both brands are pretty safe to use.


When comparing the cost, Klein multimeters have the edge. Most often, they are less expensive than the Fluke multimeters. But these low-priced Klein multimeters won’t have the same quality as the Fluke multimeters.

Winner – Klein

Most often, Klein multimeters cost half the price as the Fluke multimeters.

Klein vs Fluke – Standout Features

20A Measuring Capabilities

Fluke DMMs, such as Fluke 117 and Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS, can measure up to 20A current. Compared to the 10A capability of the Klein multimeters, this is a standout feature that can come in handy in many industrial applications.

Winner – Fluke

Low Pass Filter

Some Fluke multimeters, such as Fluke 87-V, come with a low-pass filter. This low-pass filter allows DMM to measure frequencies accurately, and this is another standout feature that Fluke DMMs have.

Winner – Fluke

Klein vs Fluke – Comparison Chart

klein tools multimeter - orange
Video | Darren Walker
fluke multimeter - yellow
Video | Evione Group

Here is a comparison chart for two of the most popular Klein and Fluke multimeters; Klein MM400 and Fluke 117.

Specs or FeaturesKlein MM400Fluke 117
Batteries2 AAA batteries1 AAA battery
Battery Cell TypeAlkalineAlkaline
Voltage AC/DC600V600V
Item Weight8.2 Ounces550 Grams
ManufacturerKlein ToolsFluke
Safety RatingsCAT-III 600VCAT-III 600V

Quick Tip: Both Klein and Fluke brands produce clamp meters. 

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