Who Makes NAPA Batteries?

Who makes NAPA batteries?

NAPA batteries are manufactured by East Penn Manufacturing, which also produces the DEKA brand, but Genuine Parts Company owns the NAPA brand. Both are expensive but high-quality batteries.

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East Penn Manufacturing

East Penn Manufacturing has been producing NAPA batteries since 2009.

The Battery Facility

battery facility

The battery facility at East Penn Manufacturing includes four automotive battery plants, a motive power battery plant, a stationary battery plant, and other related facilities.

It is a private and family-owned business with one of the world’s most advanced battery manufacturing complexes at a single site on its 520-acre complex in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

The company also makes Deka, AGM, and lithium-ion batteries, among other products, and supplies them to various auto manufacturers, supply chains, and other outlets. East Penn’s ‘Reserve Power division claims to be “one of the leading manufacturers of VRLA reserve power batteries in North America.” [East Penn website]

East Penn uses computer-aided design (CAD) technology to aid the production of its batteries and also recycles 100% of the parts of old batteries.

NAPA Batteries

Three types of NAPA batteries are available: Power, Legend, and Legend Premium.

NAPA Power Battery

The NAPA Power battery is a general-purpose vehicle battery designed for drivers who prefer a low-cost solution.

It is maintenance-free and has a high starting capacity. It has a flush cover to minimize the chance of damage and help prevent loosening. It comes with handles to make carrying and installation convenient.

NAPA Legend Battery


The NAPA Legend battery has a more dynamic starting power than the NAPA Power battery.

It is also more reliable and designed to provide a pleasant ride. Its reserve capacity is more substantial. The NAPA Legend is most suitable for cars with many connected electronic devices in constant use.

This type of NAPA battery also has handles on each side.

NAPA Legend Premium Battery (AGM)

LEGEND NAPA Premium battery

The NAPA Legend Premium battery is for those who prefer a more complete, hassle-free experience.

It is an AGM-type battery best known for its high-cranking power.


How long is a NAPA battery expected to last?

A NAPA battery is designed to last up to 5 years, especially the two legend types. The standard NAPA Power battery may last around 4 to 5 years.

What is the warranty on a NAPA battery?

NAPA batteries come with an 18-month warranty.

Does Deka make NAPA batteries?

Deka is another brand of batteries made by the same manufacturer as the maker of NAPA batteries, i.e., East Penn Manufacturing.

Who sells NAPA batteries?

NAPA batteries are sold in NAPA stores and are also available at The Genuine Parts Company (GPC).

Are NAPA batteries any good?

NAPA batteries are considered high quality, durable, and generally rated excellent in consumer reports.

Are there any cons to NAPA batteries?

NAPA batteries have a short warranty period of 18 months (compared to the normal two years). Also, they are generally costlier than other options. Although generally reliable, their longevity tends to fluctuate, and they can get damaged if exposed to extreme conditions. However, your experience may vary.


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