What is Smart Energy Electricity Supply?

Smart energy electricity supply is all about using your electrical devices and appliances in an energy-efficient way by utilizing renewable and sustainable energy sources.

The greater energy efficiency is meant to make using them economically, making you save on your electricity bill. This is becoming increasingly important, especially with increasing energy prices.

This short article delves into renewable energy, why you should go for smart energy, ensuring your home is energy-efficient, and other ways to use electricity smartly.

I’ve highlighted three main ways to ensure your electricity supply is smart: (1) Relying on renewable energy sources, (2) ensuring your home is energy-efficient, and (3) Using electricity smartly. We can also use technology to aid us in this, as this article shows, using solar panels, a wattage meter, and a wi-fi switch.

Renewable Energy

A source of energy is renewable if it is not going to deplete in the short term. For example, global oil, gas, and coal supplies may last for many years, but sooner or later, they are expected to run out because they are at risk of being depleted.

In comparison, solar energy is renewable because it is not expected to run out any time soon.

Why Should You Use Smart Energy Electricity?

There are several reasons it makes sense to go for a smart energy electricity supply. The main reasons are:

  • It is derived from a renewable source, so you can rely on it.
  • It will help you lower your electricity costs. The savings can be significant.
  • It has virtually unlimited potential.
  • It is beneficial for the environment, as it cuts down on pollution.
  • It provides more diverse options for your electricity supply needs.

Solar Energy

The most common source of smart energy electricity is the sun. Solar energy is already being used, and solar panel technology is becoming more energy efficient and affordable over time. It is popular because:

  • It is relatively easy to harvest compared to other renewable energy sources, such as wind and hydropower.
  • It is ubiquitous and free.
  • It is available in constant supply (during the daytime).

installed solar panel on a roof

Smart Energy-Efficiency in the Home

Besides using a renewable energy source of electricity, energy efficiency in the home can also be maintained and made smarter by:

  • Insulating well because a well-insulated home will require less electrical energy to maintain it.
  • Fix or replace your windows and doors if you notice any gaps, cracks, or leaks.
  • Using a smart meter to check the power usage of all your appliances. If you find something is using more electricity than expected, you can be more economical in using it, or replace it with a more energy-efficient model altogether.
  • Replacing energy-hungry fittings and appliances if more energy-efficient ones are easily available, and you can afford to do so.
  • Using solar energy where possible to diversify your electricity supply while also saving you money over the long term (after the initial investment).

wattage meter to check power consumption

Using Electricity Smartly

Apart from all the above, the ‘smartness’ in using electricity in your home also comes from adapting your usage habits. Ask yourself:

  • Do you leave many devices or appliances turned on for long periods when they are not in use?
  • Do you leave them on standby for long periods?
  • Can you use them during off-peak periods when the electricity is cheaper (assuming this option is possible)?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you will know what to do. When you count the cost of all unused devices and appliances not being used or on standby, it can be considerable. Can you afford that? If you want to be economical, be smart and only turn things on when you need to use them, and don’t leave them on and idle for long.

wi-fi switch controllable via a smartphone

Wrapping Up

Smart energy electricity supply is about relying more on renewable energy sources for your electricity needs, ensuring your home is energy-efficient as it can be, and also being smart yourself in using electricity economically. The overall goal is the same, which is to access the electricity supply smartly, in ways that also help you save on your electricity bill besides being of benefit to the environment.

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