Why is Electrical Wire So Expensive?

different wire colors

Electrical wiring costs have risen appreciably, and most people wonder why. As an electrician, I know why you are paying more for electrical wires. The cost of any final product is affected by multiple factors, including market forces and prevailing issues that alter labor costs. It’s vital to know the factors that influence the price … Read more

Can Electrical Wires Be Zip-Tied Together?

zip tie in different sizes

As an electrician, I often zip-tie different wires together. Zip-tying is an invaluable trick that enables you to arrange a variety of electric wires tidily. I will discuss some hacks for zip-tying electrical wires.  Quick Overview: Usually, zip tying is not dangerous; however, on the other hand, zip ties or Velcro strips can be hazardous … Read more

How Many Outlets on a 15 Amp Breaker?

circuit breaker in zoom

When it comes to wiring in your home, you want to guarantee that you have the correct number of outlets and breakers. Here’s how many amps your 15 AMP breaker should carry. Even though there is no limit to how many outlets you can put in a circuit breaker, it is best to only put … Read more

What Does Breaker 1-9 Mean?

president CB radio

If you’re like most, you probably don’t know what breaker 1-9 means. This article will explain what the phrase means and how to use it. Many Hollywood movies include the phrase “Breaker 1-9” and many similar ones. These phrases are mostly used among truck drivers and signify different actions or concerns on each occasion. They … Read more

3 Wire Crank Position Sensor Wiring Diagram

3 wire crank position sensor

In this article, you’ll learn about the 3-wire crank position sensor and its wiring diagram. If you ever had to install or test a 3-wire crankshaft sensor by yourself, you probably know the drill. Identifying the 3-wires won’t be an easy task. On the other hand, you should know where to connect them. The crankshaft … Read more

How to Tune a 4-Channel Amp? (3 Methods)

AudioControl ACM - 4.300 4-channel amp

Tuning a 4-channel amp can be somewhat complicated. Here are three methods that can solve everything. Proper tuning of a 4-channel amp comes with many benefits. Good sound quality, long lifespan of speakers, and eliminating distortion are a few of them. But for beginners tuning the amp can be uncharted waters because of the complicated … Read more

Trailer Brake Magnet Wiring (How-to Guide)

trailer brake magnet in zoom

This article will benefit those having trouble wiring a trailer brake magnet. Are you experiencing weak or surging brakes in your trailer? When that happens, you might want to replace the entire brake assembly. But in truth, you don’t have to do that. The issue may lie with the trailer brake magnet. And replacing the … Read more

Horn Relay Diagram

hand holding a horn relay in zoom

If you need to learn about horn relay wiring, this short article will give you all the necessary answers. Whether using a regular 4-pin or a specially designed horn relay, you should know about the wiring process. Proper knowledge about horn relay wiring can be very helpful during a horn relay replacement. So, today I’ll … Read more

3 Wire Ignition Coil Diagram (Full Guide)

hand holding en engine coil ignition

Below, ill cover the 3-wire ignition coil with a diagram of its wiring and some useful information. The purpose of an ignition coil is to produce high voltage for spark plugs. However, the ignition coil pins must be correctly connected to other electrical components. Generally, a 3-wire ignition coil comes with a 12V, 5V reference, … Read more

4 Wire Ignition Coil Diagram (Full Guide)

toyota denso ignition coil

This article will provide some need-to-know information about the 4-wire ignition coil diagram. The ignition coil is the heart of the ignition system, and improper ignition coil wiring can cause wrong electronic ignition, leading to cylinder misfires. So, you should be able to identify the 4-pins correctly when you use a 4-wire ignition coil. In … Read more