Does a Microwave Need a Dedicated Circuit

different sizes and brands of microwaves

Microwaves are a staple appliance for any modern kitchen, so which outlet should you use to ensure that yours works? The type of circuit needed for a microwave depends on its wattage requirement. Smaller countertop microwaves can be connected to ordinary branch circuits. Meanwhile, larger ones, such as microwave ovens, need dedicated circuits. Microwave models … Read more

What is MTW Wire (Importance and Applications)

MTW 18WHITE-Blue Stripe 500ft

MTW is a wiring type that often confuses many. We’ll go through what it consists of and can mean for you. MTW stands for Machine Tool Wire. It is used mainly for wiring machine tools, certain appliances, and control cabinets. It contains a single piece of highly stranded copper as the bare conductor and is … Read more

Can You Pour Concrete Over Buried Electrical Lines?

burrying wires

You might have considered hiding your electrical lines underground and may be afraid of them getting damaged and wondering if you can pour concrete over them.  Yes, you can pour concrete over buried electrical lines, but this should only be done in the presence of a professional. A certified contractor or engineer must properly survey … Read more

How to Bypass AC Circuit Board? (7 Steps)

air conditioner PCB & connections

Learn everything you need to know about bypassing a fried AC circuit board from the below article. An AC circuit board can get fried because of a sudden power surge or loose wiring. When that happens, your home’s cooling system will fail. So, it is smart to have a few simple tricks up your sleeve. … Read more

How to Reset a Generator Circuit Breaker? (7 Steps)

Onan OG 4000 generator

Are you having trouble resetting the generator circuit breaker? If so, here’s a guide to troubleshooting your problems. Using a generator, you might deal with a short circuit problem or an electrical overload. Either way, you should learn how to reset the generator circuit breaker. Otherwise, all the electrical appliances will be powerless. In General, … Read more