No matter how many stump tables I see, I still gawk out my car window looking for felled tree parts I can salvage. On a late August drive to my studio, I noticed this little juicy pile of stumps. I hit the brakes so hard, I almost broke my teeth on my steering wheel. Lickity split, I ran up to the door to see if the homeowner would mind if I ravaged through the remains. The elderly gentleman was as nice as he could be, but didn’t really understand my interest in his scraps. However, looky what I had to choose from. Days later, the pile had been picked over by other vultures like myself.


I hit the gas and got down to work as fast as I could looking for my right hand handy man who works for landlord. Paco (remember him from my rope wall project?) is the guy who helps me, no matter what. I can’t tell if he feels sorry for me trying to lug things around, or if he just enjoys the break in his routine tasks. No matter, he makes a little extra money and I can depend on him to get ‘er done.

Not only did he meet me at the wood pile, that guy was able to lift those stumps into the back of his truck.

That’s the kind of guy you need to have around.


So my three stumps are drying out nicely in the corner of my studio. I enjoy walking by them and thinking about what I might try to do that nobody’s done yet. I’ve got a pretty good idea, but you’ll have to wait a little bit for that. Here are some stump ideas that have already been done. But one thing you must know, a manufactured stump table is OUT OF THE QUESTION! Don’t do it.



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FirstImage: Pinterest/Michael@BlueVelvetChair