For the past few years I’ve been nagging readers to at least TRY to tackle an upholstery project just to see how it feels and what happens. The end result may not be furniture store perfect, but after a few projects, the end result starts looking better and better. Every so often I get emails from readers who have bravely gone where a few dare to tread and they’re just bustin’ to share the results.

I am happy to share what’s being done out there, so if you have your own upholstery triumph, please document it, photograph it and send it in.

This past weekend I got an email from a reader who said I inspired her to make her own headboard.

WAIT, whaaaa?!!! I inspired somebody? Are you kidding me? That means more to me than anything in the whole world. I mean, I live for that.

Here is sort of a transcript of the emails between us.



Your blog has inspired me and given me the confidence needed to tackle an upholstered head board. Bought the staple gun and compressor, drew the pattern, have the wood, ordered the fabric – now I need to buy the foam. Green? White? Batting type where box states it’s better than foam? Help!!!!!!



The green foam from Joann’s is good. You can get by cheaper by buying a foam topper for an air mattress or bed. Not the egg crate, but a 2″ piece of cheap foam.

Let me know how it goes. Thanks for reading. I really love responding to readers.

You can do it!!

shelly leer


Finally got it done!!!!



Wow!!! Is it ok if I post it on my site? If so, let me ask you some questions.

What was the hardest part of this project?

What kind of staple gun did you use?

How are you hanging it?

May I use your kind words as a quote or testimonial?


Oh yeah, dimensions?


I’m honored! Yes you can quote me.

Hardest part was believing that I could do it! The second hardest part was getting the staples to stay in the fabric, they went through the fabric leaving a hole. This was due to the pressure setting on the staple gun but I didn’t know that! Husband came to the rescue and reset the gun and the air compressor to the same pressure settings. Then I was off and stapling like a man woman. Staple gun is an EZE Staple Gun TC-08 that I purchased from the upholstery place where I bought the foam. Hanging was done with a French cleat; kept the height within the width of the fabric, didn’t want to piece anything. Dimensions – 82 wide by 56 high.

My next project is to reupholster my ladies recliner – any tips?

Thanks again –


My response to the recliner was that I steer clear of them. Why? In my opinion, it’s a lot of work for, what I consider, a crazy piece of furniture. But if you can make your own headboard, you can most certainly unscrew a recliner and reupholster the pieces. (Hint: Most recliners are several upholstered pieces bolted together to form a chair-weird!) Hey, who am I to say it’s not worth the work? If it works for your space, do it!

As for the headboard above, that is trickier than it looks. To get the cording and outside band attached smoothly takes some serious fabric finessing. Bravo Rosaline!! I’ll be waiting to see your recliner makeover. Come to think of it, there should be an entire website called “Recliner Makeovers”.

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