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PhotoImage: The Painted House

When you read blog posts like Angela’s from The Painted House, that’s when you think, “Jeez, I am so blasted lame, this girl is so beyond me!” She’s obviously a true artist in every sense of the word. I’ve seen artists who have artistic talent, but they’re not free, artistic thinkers. Just read the ABOUT tab on The Painted House, and you’ll quickly realize that she’s not just creating art, she sees the world with that artistic mind I envy so much.

First, I first saw her bleached splattered upholstered side chair and thought, “Hmmmm………genius”, then I scrolled on down to see her gesso painted, patterned canvas upholstered chair. Well, now she’s just trying to make me feel bad.

PhotoImage: The PaintedHouse

And then she tops it off by showing us her masterpiece, another upholstery alternative.

After deciding against reupholstering a brown, vinyl, rolling desk chair, she primed and painted the vinyl with a semi-gloss white paint. Next, she handed her family a pack of Sharpies and let them go ‘all Picasso’ on it. So simple, so brilliant.

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PhotoImage:The Painted House

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